President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration is committed to a series of reforms of which the energy reform is one of the most important components
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Emilio Lozoya Austin
Our priority is to increase investment in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
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In 2012, Pemex invested US$2.65 billion, or 17.1% of the total capital expenditures of Pemex Exploration and Production, in exploration activities,
The key is to make the necessary investment to maintain a reserve replacement rate above 100%; this should be our first priority
September 2011 marked a new starting point for Pemex Exploration & Production, with the reorganization of its internal structure
The 2013 Federal Budget does not provide for a public sector budget deficit (excluding physical investments by PEMEX), and is based on an estimated…
On December 7, 2012, the President of Mexico submitted the proposed Ley de Ingresos de la Federación para el Ejercicio Fiscal de 2013
Shell works around the world in extremely different environments and with different contractual conditions.
I can say, without exaggerating, that this has been the most favorable change in Mexico’s hydrocarbons sector since 1938
In 2008, after a year of intense debate, political wagers, and an intense campaign both in Congress and in the media, an energy reform was passed.
The time has come to drive Pemex, if Pemex is to drive Mexico
2012 marked the 75th anniversary of Mexico’s petroleum expropriation, a day of great historic and political importance in Mexico.
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