Pemex requires service companies to increase the number of blowout preventers and divisors to stop hydrocarbons from getting out of the wellbore
To ensure safe operation during drilling procedures, well control and monitoring have to be thoroughly observed and regulated
Juan Pablo Murguía Ashby
Juan Pablo Murguía Ashby
Murguía, Fianzas y Seguros

Murguía, is a Mexican insurance and surety broker that has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2000. In the last five years, the company has grown at an annual rate of 30%, employing 130 specialists in the insurance and surety market in its ten o·ces around the country. Juan Pablo Murguía Ashby, CEO of the company, explains that Murguía has many domestic and international o·ces to be able to give their clients a customized and personalized service, closer to where they operate. Murguía Ashby believes that this is the main reason of success for the company, and why clients think so highly of their services: “We are not just experts in surety and insurance brokerage; we are also a company that is completely devoted to deliver the best service to its clients. This makes up for the greatest di†erence with our competition in the sector.”

Murguía Ashby explains that providing the best service, starting from the management levels of the company, is an added-value that not many companies take the time to provide. “We strive to meet all of our clients and dedicate them all the time needed to satisfy their requirements.” This helps the company to understand all its clients’ concerns, and provide them with better solutions to solve them.

The company also employs technology that helps to maximize their time and lower their risk in the market. “We provide them with technological tools such as the electronic and mobile surety subscription form,” Murguía Ashby details. “With this form, the company delivers the knowledge of the clauses that need to appear in each contract, and loads them electronically. Then, once a surety line for the client has been expedited, the surety bond can be processed within half an hour, and sent via e-mail. This bond will also include the know-how coming from external consultants in technical matters that work with the company. These consultants help Murguía to advise its clients correctly in more technical issues, and assess the risk of the di†erent projects they might want to carry out.”


A key challenge for any company looking to secure a contract with Pemex is ensuring that it has the relevant liability coverage
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