Jaime Castro
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Jaime Castro
Director General
What new skills and competencies will the labor market in Mexico and the world need to face the new normal of a constantly changing environment?
Juan Lam, Uline
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Juan Lam
Mexico Sales Director
The automotive industry faces a perfect storm with a sustained drop in sales since 2016 and a pandemic. To survive, companies need to diversify
Antonio Villegas
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Antonio Villegas
Director General
Swiber Offshore Mexico
Antonio Villegas tells us about Swiber's shallow water objectives for the coming year, including on PEMEX's priority fields.
Francisco Quiroga, Mining reactivation
News Article
The Undersecretary of Mining Francisco Quiroga, together with MBN will host the online webinar “Mining's New Normal: Reactivating the Industry” 
Andrés Gavenda North Latin America Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader at EY
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Andrés Gavenda
North Latin America Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader
The use of technology can help broaden healthcare services. Andrés Gavenda explains how EY is guiding companies through the digitalization process.
US Retail Sector Recovery
News Article
In May, the US retail sector grew by 17.7 percent over the previous month. The return to the new normal is considered one of the keys to recovery.
Street Market Mexico
News Article
On Thursday, neighborhood businesses will open while between June 22 and June 25 markets, shopping centers and department stores will greet customers.
News Article
Despite no strict restrictions on movement, mobility among Mexicans dropped drastically during the crisis.
WHO Suspends Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Testing
Weekly Roundups
Scientific advances give hope and then take it away. While a vaccine is showing promising results, other treatments must stop.
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