Angie Soto Reaza
Expert Contributor
Angie Soto Reaza
Managing Director
Nexus Energía Mx
The main actions that need to be taken for an effective energy transition lie within the energy sector, writes Angie Soto Reaza.
EDF Interviewee video
EDF Renewables' Distinguished Approach Toward Signing PPAs
Juan Manuel Ávila Hernández, CEO & Co-Founder at TOP Energy México
Expert Contributor
Juan Ávila
CEO & Co fundador
TOP Energy
Consumers and energy generators need to rethink some of their assumptions. In particular, power market agents need to reconsider how to do business.
Ricardo Cardell
Ricardo Cardell
Ricardo Cardiel
Latin American Rainmakers

Our 20-year experience in the electricity sector made renewable energy the logical next step for growing our business. We consolidated our added value by integrating five must-haves in the electricity sector and applied them to renewable energy. First, a firm grasp of the industry’s regulatory framework. Second, project financing, since it is the backbone of any project. Third, technology; by using the discounted cash flow (DCF) method, we can select the technology that is best suited for a project, based on ROI criteria. Fourth, we incorporated EPC solutions in our portfolio. Last, but definitely not least, commercial strategy. All the previous elements are rendered useless without a landed PPA to sell the project. 

International newcomers, recently created companies and veteran corporations looking to branch out toward attractive sectors.
Alberto de la Parra
View from the Top
Alberto de la Parra
Jones Day
Jones Day served as lead counsel for NAICM’s US$2 billion green bond issuance, winning Structure Finance and Securitization of the Year by IFLR.
JOSÉ ZAMBRANO Director General of Galt Energy
View from the Top
José Zambrano
Director General
Galt Energy
Galt Energy is a Monterrey-based company that specializes on the installation of custom-made solar PV panel systems for Mexico's residential…
BERNARDO FERNÁNDEZ Mexico CA&C Country Manager of Hive Energy
Bernardo Fernández
Mexico CA&C Country Manager
Hive Energy
As the dust from the Energy Reform settles, some companies are waiting to see how the playing field pans out
JOHN HUFFAKER Vice President of Commercial Operations at OCI Solar Power
View from the Top
John Huffaker
Vice President of Commercial Operations
OCI Solar Power
The solar industry is more than just a source of energy
Alejandro Robles
Country Manager
But anyone who thinks it will be a simple process, should think again.
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