Ralph Wegner
Mexión Corporation
Mexico has proven to be an attractive hub for the development of utility-scale renewable energy projects.
Ralph Wagner
View from the Top
Ralph Wager
Director General
Climatik is a Mexican company specialized in wind and solar resources measurement products, services and consultancy
Angélica Ruiz
Angélica Ruiz
Angélica Ruiz
Vice President and Managing Director México and Latin America

Vestas is the leader in the wind industry worldwide. Vestas’ added value for our clients, as well as the government, is our comprehensive view of the sector. We understand the business from end to end, starting with the development of a wind farm project all the way to plant generation and power consumption. These projects are not just about energy generation but also about generating returns for investors. This capacity of adapting to new markets, understanding the new rules of the game and being able to move all the drivers of a project — CAPEX, OPEX, technology and capital costs — creates a competitive edge in project optimization considering all the elements that we provide. Understanding the Mexican context is fundamental. Without the whole picture of the country’s interconnection or grid management needs, we cannot help clients

In its latest Renewable Energy Advance Report, the Ministry of Energy stated that wind power’s footprint in installed capacity amounted to 3,735MW
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