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Amplifica Capital aims to become the first venture capital fund to operate under a female-first model. What can this fund do for women?
Montserrat Ramiro
Montserrat Ramiro
Montserrat Ramiro

Gender equality creates diversity, which enriches professional environments and decision-making processes, leading to better outcomes. It therefore does not only benefit Mexico’s energy transition but its economy and society in general. Access to education in STEM areas, flexibility in the workplace and with business hours must be addressed to allow more women to enter the energy sector. Most issues improve when communication is fluid and flexibility is favored. Fortunately, there is a growing network of women who are deeply committed to helping each other and who are clearing the path for younger generations of women to work in the energy sector. Gender equality is not only about women, it is also about men. If men are not encouraged to take advantage of flexibility and enjoy the same benefits women have and vice versa, gender equality will remain an aspiration and not a reality.

We asked women that are already present in the industry what is the role does gender equality play in Mexico’s energy transition
Anna Raptis
Anna Raptis
Raptis Group
“We want to prolong and deepen the success of the reform. NAFTA talks generate a lot of nervousness but we see it as an opportunity for Mexico
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