San Julián mine, Chihuahua
Brendan Cahill
Brendan Cahill
President and CEO of Excellon Resources

At Platosa, we have the benefit of high grade silver, lead and zinc production with 50 percent of our revenues from base metals. As a result, we have some protection against weaker silver prices and volatile fluctuations. We still strongly believe in silver’s potential, as a vitally important metal and as one of the most reflective and conductive materials with multiple uses that permeate every new technology. We are living in the future and as we make more advancement, we must go back to the source to build our dreams. Our main objective is to continue to unlock exploration potential, and secure future supply.

After a brief shining moment in 2011 when silver reached almost US$50/oz, prices have been largely flat, hovering around the US$16-17 mark since 2014…
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