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Six years after establishing a relationship in Mexico, Nissan and BMW are still committed to the electrification of the country’s vehicle fleet.
Naresh Singh
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Naresh Singh
Country Manager
Singh shares how the company unlocks the potential of projects and how Mexico has become a strategic market for IMR.
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s water resources management commission has launched an educational program for local governments. This and more in this week’s roundup!
julian alberto toro
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Ing. Julián Alberto Toro
Director General
C&C Consulting Construction Group
"Mexico and Brazil are the most important poles of construction development in the Latin American sphere."
Roundup - Automotive
Weekly Roundups
This week's top stories include Mexican super sports car VUHL and Eaton's plant manager. This is the Week in Automotive!
Alejandro Garcia
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Alejandro García
Fuels Marketing Manager
"Mexican fuel consumers are getting used to developing new habits, new criteria and, with many available brands, making different choices."
Bajio Church
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Despite the pandemic, the Bajio region has still received investments in the automotive industry.
Javier Gomez - Eaton San Luis Potosi
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Javier Gómez
Plant Manager
Eaton San Luis Potosi
Learn more about Eaton’s experience in San Luis Potosi, its strategies to cope with the pandemic, and its 3D metal manufacturing technology.
Car Sales
Weekly Roundups
An increase in car sales, San Luis Potosi considered as a resilient automotive hub and uncertainty in the sector are among this week’s top stories!
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