General Isidoro Pastor, Director, AIFA
View from the Top
General Isidoro Pastor
Innovation, connectivity, and tourism are Felipe Ángeles International Airport’s main objectives, says Gen. Isidoro Pastor.
AIFA Offers Much More Than Expected
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The recently inaugurated Felipe Ángeles International Airport offers unique features that open the door to new air mobility opportunities.
AIFA Control Tower
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Despite its connectivity challenges and some unfinished construction works, AIFA was officially inaugurated.
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The extension to Line 1 of the Suburban Train is the main public transportation access to AIFA, but it will not be completed until 2023.
Construction site
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During its third report reviewing 2020 public expenditure, ASF found millionaire irregularities in AIFA, the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas refinery.
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As AIFA gets ready for inauguration, access route construction remains incomplete, complicating passenger transportation to the new airport.
Aeropuerto Felipe Ángeles
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Felipe Ángeles International Airport will begin operations in March 2022.
The aerospace sector faced many difficulties but little by little it has been rebuilding and it is expected to soon reach pre-pandemic levels.
NASA on Unsplash
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