Oscar Roldán
View from the Top
Oscar Roldán
Former Director General
Former CNIH Director discusses the role CNIH plays in consolidating recent exploration successes and the new information being generated.
Javier Zambrano
Javier Zambrano
Javier Zambrano
Executive Director
Jaguar E&P

The top two challenges operators face in onshore fields are dealing with security and with communities. To handle the community aspect, we become closely involved in the social issues of the communities in which we work. As each community has a different set of needs and concerns resulting from our operations, and as there is no specific pattern to follow when dealing with them, each area represents a different challenge. Being respectful with all the people we interact with, as well as with the landowners is crucial. On the security side, when dealing with any kind of criminal activity that may be present in our areas of operation, we follow procedures and recommendations that are put in place by our security consultants.

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Top Operators
Major players in the oil and gas industry have placed a bet on Mexico’s oil and gas rounds.
Juan Carlos
View from the Top
Juan Carlos Zepeda
President Commissioner
Juan Carlos Zepeda has extensive experience in the oil industry, including with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance.
Iván Sandrea
View from the Top
Iván Sandrea
Sierra Oil & Gas
Sierra Oil & Gas is an independent Mexican company that pursues select upstream and midstream opportunities in Mexico. Sierra’s core business…
bernardo Cardona
Bernardo Cardona
Partner Energy and Resources Industry Leader at Deloitte Consulting Mexico
Since the 2013 Energy Reform, the energy markets have evolved at many levels.
Manuel Mariscal
Manuel Mariscal
Director General
O&L Offshore
" O&L Offshore is broadening its business niche to onshore, providing services and top-tier technologies coupled with local expertise and…
MOGS 2017
News Article
Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2017: The Saga of Zama presentation hihglights
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