Javier Garza
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Javier Garza
This article discusses SUMEX’s entry into Mexico and its trading strategy in the country.
MEF 2018
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Mexico Energy Forum 2018: The Chicken and the Egg of Financing and Viability panel highlights
Adrián Katzew
Adrián Katzew
Adrián Katzew
Director General
Zuma Energía

We need to acknowledge the effort put in by the authorities to implement an in-depth transformation like the reform in such a short period of time. Globally, one of the lessons we take away from electricity markets is their constant change and evolution. There is no reference model to turn to and ours is still emerging in some ways. The auctions, for example, resulted in awarded and signed contracts, opening the door to new players such as Zuma Energía. The standardization of the power generation market and the implementation of automated O&M systems are pending issues. The success of the auctions also highlighted a challenge for the future in the imminent saturation of the transmission grid and the urgency to develop a decisive expansion plan for the power evacuation infrastructure. 

CRE wants to be an enabler, open to the private sector’s feedback on the remaining regulatory roadblocks and transparent in its regulatory…
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Sebastián Leal, Javier Garza, Joaquin Leal
SUMEX is the first private qualified supplier in Mexico to obtain both CRE and CENACE permits to operate in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM).
We are looking at two options: investing in our own generation facilities or purchasing clean energy from a third party. We are exploring the…
The Energy Reform gave qualified users (those with a consumption greater than 1MW) the opportunity to purchase electricity from a diverse portfolio
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Mexico energy Forum 2017: Prying Open the Evolving MEM panel highlights
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