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The Minister of Economy named Alejandro Encinas Nájera as the replacement of Luz María de la Mora. He will be part of the team negotiating the USMCA.
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Since energy disputes stemming from alleged violations of the USMCA have not yet been resolved, the US called for a consultation against Mexico.
Jose Zozaya
Expert Contributor
Jose Zozaya
Executive President
A positive result from USMCA disagreements is desired since the opposite could cause significant consequences, writes Jose Zozaya.
Mexico’s Energy Sector Under Alleged USMCA Violations - play
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Energy law expert Benjamín Torres-Barrón outlined the USMCA process to unfoldand the possible implications if violations are found to have occurred.
Marcos Ávalos
View from the Top
Marcos Ávalos
Former General Director of the National Content Unit and Development in the Energy Sector
Ministry of Economy
Marcos Ávalos discusses how the pandemic reinvigorated the need for national content strategies in Mexico’s energy industry.
Image by josemiguels from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
Mexico continues to register an upward trend regarding tourism and air traffic. However, inflation continues to shock the country.
Tatiana Clouthier
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Tatiana Clouthier, Minister of Economy met with Canadian ministers in an effort to strengthen trade relationship.
Heavy equipment at work
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The company was recognized because of its balance of operating profitably while improving living conditions in Guerrero.
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With 23 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Mexico ranks seventh among the economies with the most FTAs in the world.
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