Louise Batchelder
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Louise Batchelder
Synelog Mexico
SYNELOG provides consulting in healthcare, education, social development, science and technology, innovation and competitiveness.
Most SMEs do not have the money or staff to support a specialized department, so we charge them by the hour, through an established contract, or for…
Jaime Rico Palacios
CE Consulting México
CE Consulting Mexico is a consulting firm that assists clients with business management, accounting and judicial matters.
The reality is that the tax reforms threaten to affect the strength of such industries
Mario Hernández
Tax Partner
The main concerns of the automotive industry with Mexico’s tax reforms lie in two main areas.
Manuel Padrón
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Manuel Padrón
Baker & McKenzie
The growth of the auto parts industry in Mexico has to a large extent been a result of the maquiladora program itself.
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