Joshua Rubin
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Joshua Rubin
Vice President
Javid LLC
JAVID VP discusses Sonora’s strengths and details the advantages USMCA may offer to Mexico’s aerospace industry.
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The national demand for industrial real estate has been growing since the start of the year and will continue to grow for 2Q 2021.
Ana Riquelme Executive Director of AMID
View from the Top
Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
Mexico’s top position as a medical devices manufacturer can be strengthened by increasing domestic consumption.
Women at the Airport
Weekly Roundups
All 10 airports groups in Mexico show a sharp drop in passenger traffic. Tijuana and Los Cabos have the less pronounced drops among all airports.
Migrants covid-19
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Vulnerability of migrants has increased as COVID-19 spreads. Lack of regulation could cause a humanitarian crisis.
Pharma Supply Chain
News Article
In a globalized world, connections of all type have been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the healthcare sector.
Yoloxóchitl Macías Health Area Manager at ANCE
View from the Top
Yoloxóchitl Macías
Health Area Manager
With the goal to expand in all sectors, ANCE is focused on being the first Mexican laboratory with the infrastructure required to perform it.
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Public and private sectors are discussing accommodating medical personnel in private hotels to avoid COVID-19 contamination spikes.
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As a hub for medical devices production, Mexico has to take care of foreign d and of its own demand
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