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Controller of the national grid CENACE is collaborating with the University of Sonora to advance its modelling and data science approaches.
Heriberto Grijalva Monteverde
View from the Top
Heriberto Grijalva Monteverde
University of Sonora
The current mining boom in Sonora, and high metal prices, have helped to developed these relationships further
The work area we are training our students for is located in our backyard. So we can go to a mine for one day, and later go back whenever we need to
Rogelio Monreal Saavedra
Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Geological Sciences
University of Sonora
Mining today represents one of the key sectors in the Mexican economy as a result of the income and employment that it generates.
There is greater gender equality in the work place. The perception that mining is solely a man’s job has therefore diminished in social thinking
The rise in female enrollment in earth science programs in the last few years is due to a combination of factors.
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