High Voltage Electricity Cables
Weekly Roundups
The Supreme Court’s ruling against SENER’s gas decree and CFE’s investment in geothermal energy are among this week’s top stories!
Wind turbines and sunset
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The US Department of State warns about investment discouragement due to Mexico’s regulatory uncertainty and unfavorable business environment.
Melissa Sanderson
Expert Contributor
Melissa Sanderson
Mel Sanderson Consulting LLC
The mining industry has demonstrated adaptability and resilience. ‘Social’ is another area demanding change, writes Melissa Sanderson.
Undersecretary Jose Fernandez and Roberto Velasco from SRE
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Jose Fernandez, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, visits Mexico to discuss climate and renewable energy issues.
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As the electricity sector prepares for the arrival of new regulations, experts in the field promote the legal resources available to operators.
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