Some companies have already brought R&D and engineering centers but, how can Mexico become more attractive to investors as an engineering…
Víctor Fuentes
Víctor Fuentes
Director General
Mitsubishi Electric

Mexico is not a country that guarantees conditions that promote R&D investment. Even the Mexican government reduces budget for these activities. These conditions must be driven by private companies as part of their corporate social responsibility activities and commitment with Mexico. Mitsubishi Electric Automation has Mitsubishi University, a program that provides training for customers around the world. The content learned by Mexican workers certifies them according to Mexican regulations. It is also the same content that a worker in Japan or the US learns. Due to the extension and diversity in Mexico, we decided to create training centers where Mitsubishi Electric’s business partners provide training and knowledge to customers on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric. By the end of 2018, we will also be launching a scholarship program for public university students where they can receive training at our facilities.

Mexico’s success as an automotive manufacturing hub is undeniable. The country is already the seventh-largest light-vehicle producer in the world
Victor Vázquez
Victor Vázquez
Director General of Consultores CPM
Consultores CPM
“We want to start focusing on Guadalajara to attack the Jalisco-Aguascalientes region and on Tijuana to attack Baja California.”