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The infrastructure industry is dragging as Mexico focuses on other economic aspects. Meanwhile, green buildings and solar leases prove their value
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Improving water usage is becoming increasingly important to maintain good agricultural production. What strategies should be taken?
Óscar López
View from the Top
Óscar López
General Manager for Latin America
BQE Water
Óscar López, General Manager for Latin America at BQE Water, talks about the benefits of their innovative water treatment processes.
Jahir Mojica
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Jahir Mojica
Director General
SUEMA is a consultancy and project developer focused on organic residuals processing. It offers both recycling and biofuel solutions
Raúl Morales Escalante, President of the Mexican Geohydrological Association (ACMX)
Expert Contributor
Raúl Morales Escalante
Mexican Geohydrological Association (AGMX)
Water scarcity problems are due to the sum of human and environmental factors, according to an ACMX study.
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