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Over 1 Billion People Lack Access to Basic Sanitation
By Sofía Garduño - Wed, 03/22/2023 - 13:20
WHO and UNICEF are urging governments to intensify efforts to provide universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030.
Every Two Minutes a Woman Dies Due to Pregnancy or Childbirth
By Sofía Garduño - Mon, 02/27/2023 - 11:12
The WHO commits to reduce maternal mortality as about 800 maternal deaths happen every day.
What Is the Role of a National Regulatory Agency?
By Heriberto García - Tue, 02/21/2023 - 12:00
It is impossible for all agencies to be at the same level but all have the same obligations and must answer to the public, writes Heriberto García.
The Health System Is Broken. Where Should We Start Fixing It?
By Andrés González-Silén - Wed, 02/15/2023 - 10:00
Access to healthcare should not only be a human right, it should be a reality, realized by public-private cooperation, writes Andrés González-Silén.
Mexico Removes Deadline for Ban on GM Corn
By Rodrigo Andrade - Tue, 02/14/2023 - 15:11
Mexico removes the deadline for ban on GM corn for animal feed and industrial use but vetoes its use in products for human consumption.
Mexico Bans Trans Fats in Food, Beverages
By Rodrigo Andrade - Tue, 02/14/2023 - 09:39
Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that bans trans fats in food and nonalcoholic beverages, a big step in the fight against obesity.
Telemedicine Beyond Health and Insurance Markets
By Carina Reverter - Mon, 02/13/2023 - 09:00
Telemedicine has been proven to be successful within the health and insurance industries and it continues to grow, writes Carina Reverter.
IMSS-Bienestar to Invest US$12.5 Million in Equipment, Personnel
By Rodrigo Andrade - Mon, 01/30/2023 - 15:11
IMSS-Bienestar plans to invest US$12.5 million in the acquisition of equipment and personnel to strengthen the public healthcare system.
Cervical Cancer: The Fourth Most Common Cancer Among Women
By Sofía Garduño - Fri, 01/27/2023 - 11:21
The WHO plans to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030 through HPV vaccination and other measures.