Diversifying Vaccine Manufacturing Hubs for Equal Distribution
Weekly Roundups
As world leaders work to avoid COVID-19 vaccination inequality, some countries introduce traveling measures to stop local outbreaks.
Adriana de Villa
Expert Contributor
Adriana de Villa
Director Comercial
March 8 is not a celebration for women because they are women. It’s a commemoration of each small or big achievement in the fight against inequity.
Recognizing Women in Science
News Article
Women’s contributions to science made the COVID-19 vaccine possible. Find out more about their work here.
Women’s Healthcare Falls Behind
Women’s healthcare has been neglected in Mexico. The country would have to invest at least 5 percent of its GDP to close this gap.
Gender Inequality in Healthcare
Socio-cultural factors have inhibited women to fairly develop in the healthcare sector. Find out more here!
View from the Top
Jennifer Schütz
CEO and Founder
Medical Corporation Group & ANDRé
Close relationships with customers and providers make MCG and APD a trusted partner for all surgical needs.
Francisca Vargas Founder of Womedic
View from the Top
Francisca Vargas
Womedic offers well-being tools to patients through an integral approach, explains founder Francisca Vargas.
Constanza Losada President and Country Manager of Pfizer
View from the Top
Constanza Losada
President and Country Manager
We interviewed the President and Country Manager of Pfizer to learn about her experience as a woman in the sector.
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