Marlene Teresa Llópiz Avilés
Expert Contributor
Marlene Teresa Llópiz Avilés
Clínica Responsable Operativa, S.C.
In this three-part series, Marlene Llópiz looks at how the pharmaceutical world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
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The 26 experts who will research the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan include six scientists who had already visited China in February 2021.
A Sector Moving Forward With High Expectations
Weekly Roundups
More changes to the public health sector’s organization and promising developments against COVID-19. This is the Week in Health!
H&M Mexico
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The Swedish retail giant extends the shutdown of all its stores in Mexico until May 30 as it begins to open some of its units in China.
travel ban lifted wuhan
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After 11 weeks of isolation, citizens of Wuhan are finally allowed to leave their homes.
Girl drawing with pens
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Quarantine has changed our routines, generating negativity in most people. What can you do in these times of social isolation?
Fase tres
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Mexico is nearing Phase 3, meaning that taking healthcare precautions seriously could mean saving the country’s future
Smart city.
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Mexico City is using Big Data and AI to assess COVID-19’s future behavior.
World Geopolitics
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COVID-19 has endangered the status quo that has dominated the world since 1989.
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