Alliance Aims to Boost Automotive Industry Using Human Talent
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Alliance Aims to Boost Automotive Industry Using Human Talent

Photo by:   ThisIsEngineering, Pexels
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Pamela Benítez By Pamela Benítez | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 11/03/2021 - 10:02

Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster (CLAUT) and Lean Six Sigma International (LSSI) have allied to train specialized talent in the automotive industry to improve its quality and optimize companies’ production costs in the region.

CLAUT’s Human Development Committee aims to strengthen human talent through best practices, teamwork, experience and talent. Among multiple objectives, the committee focuses on the development of competency certification standards. To do so, CLAUT allied with LSSI, a strategic accredited partner with the technology to offer training at a viable cost for all affiliates and external companies.

The alliance will launch the Agents of Change - Lean Six Sigma training program, which focuses on the automotive industry specialization that will allow a companies’ human talent to certify in this methodology. The training will provide the industry with good practices in continuous improvement based on a global benchmarking process to position Mexico as a reference in Latin America and increase the country’s GDP. To achieve this objective, CLAUT is also opening the training program to external companies who also wish to certify their human talent.

This strategy goes in compliance with the cluster’s six-year line of work plan defined in 2019. "At the end of CLAUT's planning for 2025, four major lines of work were defined for the following years. The first aims to seek greater national integration for the automotive industry in Nuevo Leon and the country. The second is to help the Cluster continue to be an effective tool for sharing best practices among the associated companies," wrote Manuel Montoya, CLAUT’s General Director, in a company’s monthly bulletin.

This online training will allow associated, affiliated and external companies to reduce their operative costs and increase their utilities, while creating room to develop internal high-value projects. The program consists of four modules: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt.

The first program level, which consists of a 12-hour training divided into five sessions, will start this November with a no-fee charge to encourage companies to enroll their human talent in the training, while sharing knowledge and strengthening the automotive industry of the region.  

The remaining modules will be offered at competitive prices: an estimated 30 percent below market value.

Lean Six Sigma International is a 12-year experienced institution with a presence in nine countries and has collaborated with 200 plus companies internationally while generating more than US$20 million in savings. Its methodology uses statistical tools that seek to enhance processes to increase their rentability and productivity

Photo by:   ThisIsEngineering, Pexels

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