Bias-Free Services Revolutionize Hiring Practices
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Bias-Free Services Revolutionize Hiring Practices

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Pol Morral Dauvergne - La Pieza
Co-Founder and CEO


Q: What was the reason for developing a platform that had tolerance as its highest value?

A: We started building a job board that focused on work culture for the Latin American market, but companies needed a better and faster service, so we incorporated new technologies and developed an applicant tracking system (ATS). Companies can now use our software to publish on LinkedIn, indeed, OCC and other platforms. But when a candidate signs up, they do more than just add their curriculum vitae and other information; they tell us where they want to work, their preferred work modality, skills and the culture they are looking for. We only send them candidates that fit their needs and preferences.



Q: What benefits does the company offer to clients and candidates?

A: We provide companies with access to the best candidates in a matter of minutes. We send questions via WhatsApp to qualify candidates asking if they are interested in filling the vacancy and if so, we automatically send their CVs to the clients. Companies do not have to wait for candidates to apply for their vacancies.

Talent is now global, so companies can hire from anywhere. At La Pieza, for example, we have employees based in Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Diversity is very important to the company and remote work is a key source of culture and diversity.



Q: In which areas have you noticed the greatest difficulty in integrating diverse profiles in Mexico?

A: In Mexico, we integrate NGOs, public and private universities and other communities or institutions into our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Companies can then publish vacancies to all these institutions and communities and in a matter of minutes find suitable candidate profiles. We are working with about 100 communities, including 70 universities in Latin America. We give them a very powerful platform where students and graduates can find new opportunities.

The challenge was finding communities that are not on LinkedIn, contacting them and integrating them into our ATS.



Q: How do you help those who are looking for a job but lack experience?

A: Our selection process is based on skills, not experience. Companies indicate the skills they are looking for and the platform surveys candidates to ensure they possess the skills that companies are looking for. For example, if a company receives 500 applications, we can select the 20 candidacies that best fit the profile. That selection can include either those who have zero experience to those with over 30 years of experience.

The platform points clients to the best candidates to interview, saving them time. The selection process is not based on a candidate’s CV but on the candidate’s soft and hard skills and knowledge. This is the reason 400 companies are using our services today. We are launching in Brazil and we have operations throughout Latin America and the US.



Q: What does it mean to La Pieza to be the first bias-free recruitment software in Latin America?

A: We are proud to be able to build a solution that gives everyone a chance to compete fairly for a job. The platform selects the best applicant and does not discriminate based on the applicant’s university, age or marital status. We have had a positive impact and hope to bring our services to more companies in Latin America in the coming months.



Q: Those who join La Pieza do not need a university degree. Should that be the case for all companies?

A: Yes, of course. Beyond university degrees, what is important are skills, knowledge and cultural fit. We work with universities and NGOs or communities that have many people without university degrees. Some skills can be more valuable than a university degree, such as being able to speak English. Numerous US companies are hiring remotely in Latin America but to work for these companies, candidates need to speak English. Programming is also essential. Candidates do not have to be developers, but a potential manager in marketing, sales or finance must deal with technology and developers. Managers must understand the programming architecture of the technology that workers will use.


La Pieza is a recruiting platform that aims to eliminate bias through the use of AI and machine learning technologies to measure skills, knowledge and soft skills to find the perfect match between candidates and companies.

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