Designing an Impactful Value Proposition
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Designing an Impactful Value Proposition

Photo by:   Dylan Gillis
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/06/2022 - 18:22

The longevity and competitiveness of companies depends on designing a value proposition that considers the wellbeing, added-value and purpose it imparts to contributors, according to industry experts. While remuneration remains an important deciding point for job seekers, happiness derived from co-creation and upskilling have become important considerations for industry leaders in 2022.

In related news, dual learning at academic and private institutions stands to prepare the emerging workforce. Meanwhile, validating contributor ideas through experimentation is primordial to innovation and business longevity.


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Company Survival Depends on Upskilling

The transformation of market demands amid global challenges has forced companies to give their employees the skills needed to face them. Digitalization and other emerging technologies are the new abilities employees must acquire to thrive in present and future economic activities. Upskilling and many other trends disrupting the labor market will be discussed in depth during the Mexico Talent Forum. Find out more about the event here.


Effective Value-Proposition Benefits Organizations

Finding happiness or purpose at work may sound contradictory to some business leaders but it has repeatedly proved to be foundational to discovering the most effective value proposition, says Centro de Liderazgo Emergente's Edgar Rosas.

“Happiness in the workplace has proven to be a fundamental component of the human psyche, without which individuals suffer serious psychological difficulties,” he said.


Industry Trends

The Building Blocks for Resilient Leadership

Resilient leadership is a critical success factor to adapt to market disruptions and while this may require bending the rules, leadership should not deviate from proper analysis, data and team insights, says José Otero, Project Manager Officer, Skyalert. 

“Adapting to change requires venturing to try new things and thinking outside the box. But rather than just breaking rules, choose to bend standards and pave the way for innovation, all based on proper analysis, data and insights from your team,” he said.


Conekta: Building Agents of Change

Active listening and retroactive feedback are essential to designing a value proposition that transcends the company itself and has proved to be a powerful talent magnet, said Conekta’s Miguel Castuera.


Dual Learning Addresses Youth Employability, Market Demands

Establishing an adequate and efficient relationship between companies and academic institutions ensures that students are systematically and adequately mentored, said Vanesa Marcos, Communications and Pedagogic Innovation Director, Global Open University.

“The obvious advantages [of the dual learning system] are that the students gain the working experience demanded by employers during the learning period. Also, the companies have the opportunity to hire prospective employees who are trained in their companies,” she said.


Move Fast to Stay Relevant

Moving fast is a matter of survival for any organization that wants to adapt to its evolving market. To stay ahead and relevant leadership must validate new ideas through experimentation and adopt a bias towards action versus perfection, writes Atrevidea’s Daphne Leger.As an organization grows, it often puts into place processes, rules and structures that have many benefits, such as standardization and optimization, but that also end up slowing things down,” she said.

Photo by:   Dylan Gillis

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