Do Happy People Build Better Businesses?
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Do Happy People Build Better Businesses?

Photo by:   StanIslas1, Unsplash
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Jorge Ramos Zwanziger By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 20:44

A well-balanced employee, who sleeps well, eats well, exercises and finds time to be with friends and family, performs better at the office, suggests Simon Cohen, Founder and CEO of Henco Global Logistics. “I think that the slogan ‘high performance, happy people’ describes it all. We are completely engaged with results and with being high performers. Being a high performer brings you happiness and happiness will bring you great results. If you are happy and you are enjoying your job, then you can be better at what you do and then that will bring great profits to the company,” Cohen said during an interview with Harvard Business School.

Cohen directs an international freight forwarder focused on ocean freight and air freight, trucking, customs, insurance and other supply chain services. He believes that his company, Henco Global Logistics, has a competitive edge thanks to employee happiness, which he believes to be the key to its success. “Henco Global’s goal has never been to grow just for the sake of growth but to become the most human company it can be. The consequence of this is the generation of humane employees who are motivated to work and thus boost growth, which will lead us to compete with the largest players in the industry,” said Cohen in an interview with MBN.

Cohen developed this business philosophy after traditional attitudes toward work put his health in jeopardy. “When you start a business and if all goes well, you accelerate. Nothing and nobody matters, only success matters,” Cohen said to Forbes Mexico.  However, this caused him a heart attack that developed into Wolff-Parkinson-White disease, he told Harvard Business Review, leading him to realize that he needed to find balance in life.

Now, his company’s main slogan is ‘High Performance, Happy People’, reports TecReview. Cohen recently published his book ‘Pleno’, where he outlines his business philosophy of six pillars: gratitude, integrity, trust, respect, humility and attitude. Thanks to his business philosophy, Cohen was invited to give a master lecture at Harvard regarding the success of his company, which became a Case Study for Harvard Business School, Sustaining High Performance Happy People.

“When people have the opportunity to find joy in the work that they do and when they also see their contributions and they see that they are doing well, definitely that helps the organizations overall. This can be quite contagious for others at work,” he told the Harvard Business School. He believes this philosophy also impacts the way entrepreneurs address business, believing they must focus on balance for success in their endeavors, he told Tec Review.

Photo by:   StanIslas1, Unsplash

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