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Elenas Becomes Mexico’s First Social Selling App

By Pamela Benítez | Thu, 11/04/2021 - 10:55

Elenas, which claims to be the first social selling app in Mexico, now has over 60,000 users. The app targets women who sell through social media and claims to allow users to triple their earnings in comparison to those who use printed catalogs. 

Colombia-based Elenas developed an app with a digitized catalog sales solution aimed mainly at mothers and young women in Mexico and Latin America who seek to have an extra income working from home. The model, claims the company, allows users to sell without traditional catalogs by allowing them to create a virtual store without investment or any operational charges. 

According to Elenas, Mexican users are seeing monthly earnings between MX$3,490 (US$170) and $30,000 (US$1,460) by using the app. But Zach Oschin, CEO and co-Founder, claims that users who work full-time through the app can earn up to US$20,000 a month thanks to its incentive commissions that range between 10-40 percent.

The company began its expansion plan in the region through Mexico and now operates in 420 different cities in the country after obtaining a US$6 million investment from international shareholders. The decision to expand was made after 30,000 Colombian Elenas’ app users triplicated their earnings switching from the traditional catalog sales model. The company’s short-term objective is to enter the Peruvian and Brazilian market.

"Our goal is to continue with the impact we have seen. We have successfully entered the country [Mexico] and now we want to become a Social Selling leader while securing a strong presence by also entering rural areas," mentioned Felipe Mejía, Country Manager.

The app allows users to open a microbusiness using only a smart phone and helps them avoid paperwork. Elenas also has a 20,000-product inventory that can be offered through social media by the sellers, who only need to request the order through the app to have the products directly delivered to their customers. According to the company’s webpage, its main goal is to provide women an opportunity to start a business while offering a marketplace with products from different brands and microentrepreneurs. 

Elenas also allows local businesses to increase their direct sales through the app through a three-step process. Suppliers need to register in the platform where a virtual meeting with an Elenas’ representative will be scheduled, then the products need to be uploaded in the platform to be later sold by app users. 

As more local businesses register and sell through the app, the inventory for entrepreneurs who use the app increases, providing them a more diverse digitized catalog when selling through social media, while generating higher earnings for themselves and local companies.

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Pamela Benítez Pamela Benítez Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst