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Emerging From the Great Resignation Unscathed

Víctor Velázquez - Clip
People Vice President


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 02/14/2022 - 17:22

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Q: How did Clip transform it approach to human resources after becoming a Mexican unicorn?

A: Clip has not undergone an organizational transformation process since becoming a unicorn. For us, becoming a unicorn had never been an outlined objective but, rather, a positive highlight of the company’s natural evolution. If anything, this recognition confirms that the company’s human resource initiatives remain sound from an organizational standpoint. The Clippers, which is what we like to call our employees, have always been fundamental to the success of the company. As such, the company has maintained a concerted effort to offer different initiatives and programs to attract and retain talent whose vision for the company aligns with ours.

Our employee value commitment proposition rests on six main pillars that aim to create a work environment that nurtures the individual talents of our employees while creating social good. These pillars start with the design of a value-based culture and a focus on diversity and inclusion. To incentivize daily progress, the company has sought to realize a total rewards system that considers not only fair economic compensation but benefits as well. We also emphasize the continued development and growth of our employees needed to excel in one of the fastest-growing fintech's in Latin America.

In practice, the company has invested heavily in several development programs that foster both technical and soft skills — or power skills as we prefer to call them — that are linked specifically to the ideal Clipper profile. The last two verticals relate to impact because as such a large market actor we understand the influence we have on Mexico’s economic and financial ecosystem. Clip, and by extension our employees, share a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, which is continually fortified by working on issues that the company values. The last pillar aims to create a harmonious work-life integration, language that was chosen specifically to depart from the notion that these two important life aspects need to be a binary choice. Overall, these six aspects are directed at creating a holistic ecosystem that bolsters the professional and personal development of our employees.


Q: The Great Resignation has made talent recruitment highly competitive over the past year. Has Clip struggled to find qualified talent in this labor market?

A: Many see the Great Resignation as a challenge to overcome or something that is inevitably coming their way. As concern continues to build, companies are scrambling to develop mitigation measures. Clip, on the other hand, already had robust talent incentives in place so we see this phenomenon as an opportunity to test the effectiveness of our incentives and identify areas of improvement. Since this movement is tied with individuals questioning their purpose and how they prioritize where they spend their time, Clip is keeping our organization motivated and engaged, while avoiding attrition issues that could potentially hinder the continued growth of the company.

In short, Clip has not encountered any major difficulties in talent recruitment, thereby giving us a positive indication that our methodologies, at least in part, have been effective. This is not to say that we have stopped looking to refine or explore new initiatives; rather, we have taken this indicator as a sign to double down and invest in areas that have generated the most success.


Q: What strategies have you implemented to keep your workforce up to date regarding new technology trends?

A: Since Clip was conceived as a technology company, we have not had to source talent to digitize our products and services, effectively bypassing this essential cost in a market currently defined by scarcity. Finding the right talent to continue building attractive and easy end-user programs has proved to be a challenge, however, and as more companies continue to converge on this market, the more competitive it will become.

Our approach to this predicament involves the continued wager on and leveraging of our employee value proposition strategy, continue to build our employer brand and most importantly, ensure that Clippers remain appeased. Since word-of-mouth remains a strong market driver, we routinely check in with our employee net promoters' core, which is charged with assessing our employees’ experience within the company so we can identify and adjust quickly to negative experiences.

At the same time, of course, we also have several development programs that were designed to expand and grow the capabilities of Clippers. This investment, which begins at their individual onboarding process, has already borne fruit. We aim to continue perfecting our onboarding process, which has already changed four times, and regularly update our educational programs so that Clippers can fluidly excel in their roles.

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