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Employee Proposals Key Innovation in Healthcare

By Miriam Bello | Thu, 03/10/2022 - 09:13

Q: How does MMM Holdings complement Anthem Inc’s services?

A: MMM Holdings is part of Anthem's Government Business Division branch, which is in charge of Puerto Rico. This division is in charge of all medical plans endorsed by the US government. At MMM Holdings, we provide two main services: medical insurance and administrative services.

In the US, those over 65 years old are eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. But those who do not have a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan are not eligible for Part C and Part D coverage. On the other hand, Medicaid does not have an age limit and can be accessed by those with disabilities, low-income or other limitations that bar them from insurance through an employer. MMM Holdings provides MA and Medicare plans to our clients so they can access healthcare. We manage almost 600,000 lives and 48 percent of our affiliates are eligible for both MA and Medicaid.

Our Management Service Organization service handles all administrative aspects so doctors focus exclusively on taking care of patients. In Puerto Rico, 70 percent of doctors use this service.

Q: How do MMM Holdings and Anthem provide a suitable labor environment to reach the company’s objectives?

A: We function as one company. The operational part works separately but the strategic and operational parts function as a whole.

In the human resources area, our main objective is to focus on employees so that they can work within a productive environment. We always try to lead and we are one of the few organizations that have our own contact center for affiliates, patients and doctors. We also have a mobile app and provide technical support. Our goal is to help our employees by providing excellent service through our processes and systems.

Q: What areas are you prioritizing to benefit both your employees and the company itself?

A: MMM Holdings has always been an innovative company. For example, our employees propose ideas that are later evaluated by executives. The best ideas are implemented. Several of the company’s transformations have come from these suggestions.

Our employees have a voice. We want to listen to suggestions from employees at every level that will make us a better company. Specifically, we want to identify how we can make healthcare more accessible to the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and low-income groups.

We also have acknowledgment programs that reward those who excel in their duties. In addition, we offer an internship program. Each year, between 10 and 15 interns have an opportunity to join a program where they can create value. Most interns come back.

Q: How are MMM Holdings’ leaders providing a suitable labor environment?

A: We have the initiative to train our leaders to manage groups and evaluate their subordinates following MMM Holding’s system. We want our employees to receive an evaluation of their skills rather than a numeric result. Our evaluation method gives leaders the opportunity to open a conversation regarding professional development and performance so employees can understand their current situation and what progress they can make.  

All of our executives, from assistant vice presidents to C-suite roles, participate in an executive leadership development program, which includes expert contributions and roundtable meetings to exchange points of view.

Q: What actions have you implemented to make re-skilling and training part of your organizational culture?

A: The market is changing and we now have opportunities to do more as employers. At MMM University, we offer 66,000 digital learning programs that range from learning how to use Excel to English language courses. This is useful specifically for rotation programs and cross-training.

Q: How diverse and inclusive is MMM Holdings in its decision-making roles?

A: Currently, 70 percent of our members are women. Our management teams, from supervisors to vice presidents, have a strong female presence and 50 percent of our C-suite positions are held by women. We also have business resources for caregivers, people with disabilities and for LGBTQ2+ members like myself to carry the message of being out and proud.

Q: What are the key factors to promote an ideal labor environment within the digital transformation?

A: First, communication in all directions is essential. One can never over-communicate because people want certainty and clarity. We have forums in which employees can communicate and express their emotions. We are offering a flexible program of hybrid work and schedules. We are not perfect; we are still learning what is the best option to create a balance between flexibility and the maintenance of the organizational culture so employees feel they belong to the company.

Another key factor is to understand our mission and add value. When everyone understands their role in fulfilling the company’s mission, we all can add value and provide the best service to our clients. When individuals add value to the company, they become conscious of their personal value and their sense of belonging increases. It is important for us that the organization’s mission becomes part of our employees’ personal mission and achievements.

Finally, trust is highly important. Most problems are caused by a lack of trust but when we are conscious of the strengths of others, we start to generate trust in relationships and avoid misunderstandings.


MMM Holdings, part of health insurer Anthem's network, offers integrated, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare services in Puerto Rico.

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