Employers’ New Obligations to Support Remote Work
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Employers’ New Obligations to Support Remote Work

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Alessa Flores By Alessa Flores | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/26/2020 - 17:03

The Chamber of Deputies’ Labor Commission has approved new provisions to regulate home office. Remote work will only be considered as home office if the time spent represents more than 40 percent of the worker’s day. In addition, the employer will be obligated to install and maintain work tools such as ergonomic chairs, printers, computers, as well as to bear the proportional costs of internet connection and electricity. Finally, remote workers will not be subject to a lower salary compared to their face-to-face peers.

Now let’s jump into the Week in Talent!

Heineken Bets on Mexican Talent

Heineken announced that it will endorse its commitment to Mexican talent and will help more than 300 young people by supporting their education at the most prestigious educational institutions. The scholarship program "seeks outstanding young people who generate a social impact" to help them cover 100 percent of their tuition for a professional career at Tecnológico de Monterrey or Tec Milenio. "We are pleased to be part of a program that was born in 2011, as one of our priority initiatives of social responsibility and sustainability," said Marco Mascarúa, Vice President of Corporate and Legal Affairs of Heineken Mexico to Entrepreneur.

 70 Percent of Professionals in Latin America Believe HR Should Change

According to NTT Data everis' Digital Talent Latam Study, 70 percent of professionals in Latin America agree that HR should undergo a strategic redefinition of its objectives and functions. Particularly in the attraction and management of talent with digital skills, which will be a determining factor for the growth of companies in the process of digital transformation in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Chile, explains a note from Merca 2.0. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges businesses face in embracing the digital transformation and channeling their employees to navigate a technological reality. The labor market urgently needs people who have the agility, speed and ability to develop in a technological environment and with rapid response capacity.


Green Jobs: The New Trend 

The UN has defined "green jobs" as those jobs "in agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, administrative and service activities focused on substantially preserving or restoring environmental quality." Considering that the 2019 Report on the Emissions Gap published by the UN revealed that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced between 2020 and 2030 to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, green jobs will be indispensable to protect and promote the environment. Gi Group has registered an increase in the demand for green jobs in the markets where it is present, ranging from professionals in mechatronics and industrial mechanics and specialized workers with knowledge on ecological technologies and materials, to experts in environmental systems and certifications.

Photo by:   Firmbee

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