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Employment Progress in Mexico’s Aeronautical Industry

By Sergio Porragas | Mon, 10/11/2021 - 09:09

While the activities of the aerospace industry were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 health emergency, we have begun to see a recovery process taking place both economically and in terms of employment generation since early this year.

The Mexican aerospace clusters reported that the industry’s exports in 2019 totaled approximately US$9.6 billion. It created nearly 60,000 direct jobs. However, the pandemic led to a 31.8 percent decrease in income generation and a significant overall fall in the workforce.

The Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA) estimates that the Mexican aerospace sector will see a marginal recovery of US$7.1 billion (or 7.5 percent) by the end of 2021, and although the industry is well on its way to recovery, the process is expected to be slow as industry exports at the end of the year are expected to remain 26 percent below the figures reported in 2019.

In terms of employment, OCCMundial data indicates that this industry, which represents a substantial source of employment throughout Mexico, is striving to return to pre-pandemic levels, increasing its year-on-year job offers by 73 percent.

While Mexico City (23 percent), Queretaro (20 percent), the State of Mexico (16 percent), Baja California (10 percent) and Nuevo Leon (10 percent) had the most jobs offerings between January and August 2021, the states that registered an increase in job offers during the same period compared to 2020 were Chihuahua (+350 percent), Baja California (+250 percent), the State of Mexico (+229 percent), Mexico City (+167 percent), Jalisco (+33 percent), and Queretaro (+17 percent).

Moreover, the companies that offered the most jobs in Mexico during the first eight months of the year were Volaris, TechOps México, Hawker Beech Services de México, VivaAerobus, Logis One, Servicios Aeroportuarios, FedEx Express, Aerodesign de México, RDT Ingenieros México and Grupo American Industries.

In an analysis of the salaries offered in this industry through our platform, we found that four out of 10 postings offer more than MX$20,000 (US$975) per month, followed by jobs offering salaries between MX$10,000 and MX$20,000 (28 percent), up to MX$5,000 per month (16 percent) and finally positions that range from MX$5,000 to MX$10,000 (15 percent) per month. This is good news for individuals who are developing or looking to develop their skills in this sector, as this is one of the industries with the most competitive salaries due to the level of proficiency required.

In this sense, the roles with the highest demand among industry recruiters between January and August 2021 were aeronautical inspector, aerospace engineer, crew control lead, quotation engineer, continuous improvement manager, SMS analyst, engineering team leader, safety auditor, aircraft returns specialist, design engineering manager, planning engineer, maintenance program engineer, aeronautical engineer, and electronic or mechatronic engineer.

The aeronautical industry is gradually recovering employment opportunities and, although there are nearly 8,000 job candidates registered on our website who are looking for a new or better job in this sector, we believe that when domestic and international flights are fully restored, we will begin to see a broader expansion of well-paid job offers.


*The author of this article is the Chief Operations Officer of OCCMundial, the leading employment website in Mexico. Since 2015, Sergio has been instrumental in driving the company’s annual double-digit growth, opening business offices in 13 states throughout Mexico, and becoming a key element of the recruitment process of SMEs. Before his role as COO, Sergio was the company’s Business Director and CFO, and in 2011 he launched OCCEducation, a business unit that offers educational options for all levels and specialties. Prior to joining OCCMundial, Sergio held several positions in finance at Procter & Gamble for over 12 years where he was stationed abroad, and he also worked at Convermex. Sergio Porragas graduated with honors from the Universidad Nuevo Mundo and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialty in finance.

Photo by:   Sergio Porragas