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Finding a Job in the Middle of a Pandemic? It Is Possible

By MBN Staff | Thu, 07/02/2020 - 14:04

The COVID-19 crisis has affected almost all industries equally. Companies have had to adapt to the new reality, which implies cutting costs, redesigning strategies and cutting staff. This may seem like the worst-case scenario for a person in the middle of a pandemic but according to Ayelén Kalenok, a specialist in labor relations, it is possible to find a job these days.

The first thing we have to take into account, according to Kalenok, is that looking for and finding a job in the midst of a crisis will not be an easy task. It is important to be clear about why we want to apply to a certain company since it will be decisive in finding the best candidate, she pointed out in an article for Infobae. It is also important to assess the stability of the company, which sector it focuses on and what its long-term projections are.

"The important thing is not to despair, expand our network of contacts, update our CV, ask for advice and continue training us to be better candidates. Today, the labor market asks us for patience,” she explains.

According to the World Labor Organization (ILO), the current crisis could lead to unemployment for more than 35 million people worldwide. During March, April and May, Mexico lost over 1.3 million jobs, show figures from IMSS.

More news below:

  • Most CEOs and heads of HR are not fully aware of what an inclusive and diverse working environment should be. In many cases, the difference between diversity and inclusion is not even well understood, which can put your company at a huge disadvantage, wrote for Mexico Business News (MBN) Gustavo Linares, Founder of TalentHow.

  • To office or not to office?, that is the question that Gabriel Manjarrez CEO of Lumbrera asks himself in an article published in MBN. "Working from home has resulted in economic savings, yes, but at a social cost. We tried to come up with a balance for both."

  • The Empire State Building reopened on June 22. Companies with offices in one of the most famous buildings in the world can now return, but they have to meet certain requirements such as an occupancy rate of less than 50 percent and constant use of facemasks. Some companies, such as Calvin Klein, have said they would never ask their employees to return to their New York office, however.

  • According to Solili’s 2Q20 report, Mexico city had an annual contraction of 62 percent and a quarterly contraction of 65 percent in gross demand for corporate spaces.

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