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Formal Employment is Still Recovering from COVID-19

By José Escobedo | Thu, 09/23/2021 - 18:21

The federal government has yet to help bridge a 36 thousand employment deficit. In other news, unmitigated climate change threatens to displace 17 million people by 2050, the unsatisfied post-pandemic worker is driving The Great Resignation, and the UN warns that AI could undermine human rights.

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The 4th Transformation Has Failed to Generate Formal Employment

President Andres Manuel López Obrador had ambitions to create more formal employment under his self-touted 4th transformation; however, the jobs that have been recently created have only come to substitute the ones that had been wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the administration can report positive employment generation, they will need to bridge a 36 thousand deficit says Armando Leñero Llaca, director de Retribuye y presidente del Centro de Estudios del Empleo Formal (CEEF).

Climate Crisis Threatens to Displace 17 million in Latin America

Latin American governments must ramp up their efforts to combat the climate crisis in order to avoid the worst which, if left unaddressed, threatens to displace 17 million people in the region by 2050 according to a report by the World Bank. Mexico, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses in Latin America, undoubtedly has the technological capacity and know how to reduce their carbon footprint.



The Empowered Post-Pandemic Worker

The Great Resignation, an ongoing phenomenon that began in information economies like the US, is projected to make its way to Mexico. Based on the observed consequences, companies should be prepared to meet the demands of the post-pandemic worker characterized by a newfound autonomy and disposition to preserve it—even at the expense of their job or career.

UN: AI Could Undermine Human Rights

The UN warns that countries and companies have rushed to incorporate artificial intelligence software without exercising due diligence, thereby posing an undeniable risk to privacy and other human rights. The report highlights discriminatory tendencies, unintentional access of personal information to third parties, therefore undermining people basic right to privacy, expression and fair trial.

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