Gender Equality; Nurturing Work Culture: This Week in Talent
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Gender Equality; Nurturing Work Culture: This Week in Talent

Photo by:   Gerd Altmann
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Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 05/31/2023 - 10:08

This week, companies discuss the benefits of hiring mothers, as they possess important skills that are beneficial for organizations. Meanwhile, a Buk survey showcases that companies lack proper implementation of policies for their gender diversity and gender equality initiatives. 

This Week in Talent News and Developments: 

Industry Developments 

Employer Branding to Get the Right Talent 

Within the ongoing push to attract diversified talent, employer branding has emerged as an indispensable pillar of success. According to LinkedIn, cultivating a strong employer brand can also help take the business forward. 

SOJT Important for Talent, Business Growth

Diversity, inclusivity and flexibility are important components of a healthy workplace. Structured on-the-job training showcases the company’s dedication toward employee growth, development and productivity. 

Gen Z Focus Key for Future Business Success 

Often known as “digital natives,” Gen Z is expected to represent the major portion of the workforce by 2030. However, this generation still lacks some strengths necessary for its talent development. 

Why OKRs are Needed for Talent Management 

The adoption of Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is increasingly recognized as critical to enhancing the focus, strategic alignment and overall effectiveness of talent management within the knowledge economy. By implementing OKRs, talent managers gain access to a well-defined framework that promotes clarity and transparency, facilitating streamlined operations.

Nurturing a Mom-Friendly Work Culture 

Mothers have the potential to fuel business expansion by applying their exceptional multitasking, problem-solving prowess, resilience in high-pressure situations and empathetic communication abilities. However, they still lack access to fair pay in the workplace, a problem that is worsened by limited flexibility and limited support for their mental health and overall well-being.

Executive Perspectives 

Omen 4.0 

Mexico has the potential to provide new job opportunities by focusing on developing qualified technicians with new competencies. However, it is essential to recognize that the coordination of these efforts is challenging. "Design Intention" can be helpful to navigate this complex situation.

Power of a Strong Employer Brand: Why it Matters More than Ever 

Having a strong employer brand is critical for companies that want to attract and retain top talent, improve their reputation, increase productivity and save costs. Companies can build this brand by clearly defining their values, creating a positive work environment, developing an employee value proposition, creating candidate personas and leveraging social media. 

Overcoming Challenges in Recruiting and Retaining Top Tech Talent 

Recruiting and retaining tech talent in today's market can be challenging, with a global shortage predicted by 2030. However, Latin America offers a pool of cost-effective and skilled tech professionals. To overcome the recruitment challenges, it is essential to focus on retention strategies.

‘Microlearning‘ Emerges as an Effective Training  Tool 

Microlearning is widely used in corporate training and higher education, and its popularity is expected to grow as organizations recognize its value in delivering personalized and convenient learning experiences.

Balancing Technology and Privacy for a Trustworthy Workplace

Creating a fair and safe environment, valuing employees, fostering a transparent culture and ensuring privacy and data protection demonstrates care for employees, enhancing their satisfaction and commitment. 


The Two Narratives of Gender Equality at the Workplace 

A survey conducted by Buk across Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Columbia and Peru) revealed that some employees feel that their employers have failed to implement proper policies to support gender equality.

Photo by:   Gerd Altmann

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