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The Glass Ceiling Continues to Bar Female Leadership

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Wed, 06/29/2022 - 18:19

Women in Mexico continue to battle to break through the glass ceiling, which keeps them from being promoted to leadership positions across industry sectors. Meanwhile, diversity and inclusion remain a work-in-progress in workplaces and leadership positions.

Industry experts from Hitch and Santamarina y Steta reflected on the importance of funding HR departments and rule of law as a protection mechanism for laborers.


This week in Talent news and developments:



Women Account for Just 6 Percent of Leadership Roles in Health             

Despite representing over half of the health workforce in Mexico, women occupy only 6 percent of its managerial positions and earn 18.3 percent less than men, found a study by “México ¿Como Vamos?”

“In addition to the wage gap, there is also a very significant gap in unpaid housework and care work between men and women. Women spend almost three times as many hours on this type of work as men,” reads the report.


Industry Trends

Women Excel in Leading Positions, but Glass Ceiling Remains

Research from Harvard Business Review revealed that women are excelling in every area of leading positions. However, there continues to be a gender gap preventing women’s access to such executive positions, found a US study.


Inclusion, Diversity Remain Uncommon Across Senior Positions

Diversity and inclusion remain a goal to be achieved in workplaces, but even more so in boardrooms. An International Labor Organization (ILO) report includes guidelines that may contribute to greater inclusivity through clear action steps.


Expert Opinions

HR as a Game Changer for Company Success

Companies are starting to observe the importance of allocating funds and resources to their HR departments, as these practices stand to augment the productivity of existing talent, attract new talent and along the way build a more skill-diverse company, says Gabriela Ceballos, CEO & Co-Founder, Hitch.

“When companies include strategic HR within their operations, turnover falls nearly 40, employee engagement increases up to 38 percent and revenue per employee can even doble, according to an HR Factbook study,” wrote Ceballos.


Enhance, Don’t Limit, Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees

“In liberal democracies, legal certainty, protection of human rights and constraints on government powers are a fundamental part of the rule of law and the cornerstone of the confidence required to promote investment and economic growth,” says Mariano Calderón Vega, Partner, Santamarina y Steta S.C.


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