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Weekly Roundups

Government Officials Receive “Aguinaldo” for Buen Fin

By Alessa Flores | Thu, 11/05/2020 - 14:17

President López Obrador announced he would sign two decrees to contribute to Mexico’s recovery. The first decree is that on Nov. 9, state workers will receive half of their “aguinaldo” (end-of-the-year bonus). The second will seek to provide MX$500 million (US$24.15 million) in financial support to businesses and customers for the shopping season. The decree was published today on the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) and details those who will receive an advance on their bonus. 

Buen Fin 2020 is expected to exceed MX$117 billion (US$5.6 billion) in sales. The Mexican Black Friday event will be extended beyond a weekend and will last from Nov. 9 to Nov. 20. 

Now let’s jump into the Week in Talent!

Talent Land LATAM Aims to Reach a Million Young People

From Monday, Nov. 9 to Thursday, Nov. 12, Talent Land LATAM aims to bring together 1 million online users who will join international talent references including Edward Snowden, Julioprofe, Patricia Armendáriz, Javier Matuk, Julieta Fierro, Beakman and Sofía Macías, as well as allied brands Citibanamex, IOS Offices, Microsoft, decred, Maruchan, LTH, Cisco and amadocs. The digital meeting will not only bring together young talent to meet and share experiences and knowledge on topics that represent opportunities for professional development but will also seek to enhance skills through workshops, networking and other activities.

Huawei Launches Huawei Talent Online 2.0

Huawei's platform is a new type of online learning experience that is more hands-on and practical. It not only offers online experiments that promote convenient learning but also provides "Four Ones" experience that optimizes registration of partners, the opening of classes and courses, as well as operations. Huawei Talent Online 2.0 offers two main upgrades: access to experimental resources on Intelligent Computing, Kunpeng Application Development, Cloud Service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the “Four Ones" experience, which operates more efficiently and collects core data for later analysis. Huawei expects large-scale growth in its talent ecosystem business over the next five years. “There will be 10,000 Huawei ICT Academies, 1.5 million annual ICT learners and additional 350,000 certification participants each year,” said Xue Feng, Huawei Talent Online Chief Architect.

Long Home-Office Hours Disrupt Sleep

Marco Tulio Garza González, neuropsychologist, professor and researcher at the School of Psychology (FaPsi) of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL), indicated that the body has failed to relate the bed to sleep because of the unconventional practices of people in times of pandemic (using the bed to eat, study or work), which increases insomnia and anxiety. "Because of the pandemic and home office, many schedules have been turned around and cycles of sleeping and waking are altered," Garza told Milenio Noticias.

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