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Home Office and Other Rising Trends

By Alessa Flores | Thu, 10/01/2020 - 12:32

During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have identified the need for new job profiles. According to Page Personnel, floating talent are those people who are sought to cover specific demands for specific periods of time to quickly cover shortages or surges in demand. The company’s Skills 360: Latin America 2020 report revealed that 52 percent of the companies are investing in periodic training to improve the technical competences of their collaborators. Meanwhile, Mexico is positioned as one of the three countries in Latin America that invests more in training and formation, followed by Brazil and Colombia.


Here’s the Week in Talent!

Health, Finance: Areas Most Demanded by Companies

Demand for experienced finance and healthcare professionals increased according to LinkedIn. Other profiles, such as sales staff, food delivery drivers, nurses, systems engineers, store advisors, cashiers, financial advisors, supervisors and project managers were the most in-demand by companies in August. According to a note from El Universal, in Mexico 37 percent of professionals work in areas unrelated to their majors and this figure is expected to rise by 30 percent following the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

Mexico: Regional Leader in Home-Office Trend

It is estimated that home-office schemes have grown during the pandemic from 39 to 68 percent, positioning the country as a leader in home-office support in Latin America. However, there are several ways to operate this scheme, from those companies that have asked their employees to work 100 percent from home, to those that follow hybrid modalities or have returned to work in stages. Security of information is one of the concerns that companies have. Before they had only one VPN and now information is open to each person. According to the State of Application Services 2020 study, "81 percent of IT leaders in Latin America report that security services are their top priority because it is unlikely that home networks have the same protections as businesses," explains a note from Forbes.

STPS Seeks to Prevent Work-Related Stress 

STPS revealed on Oct. 23 that the Official Mexican Standard NOM-035, focused on workplace psychosocial risk factors and their identification, analysis and prevention, will be enforced in full. STPS will seek to identify workers who have been exposed to severe labor stress in a first phase and will take steps to assist employees in a second phase. In addition, STPS stressed that one of the obligations of employers will be to conduct psychological and medical evaluations of workers exposed to workplace violence or who have been subjected to events that affect their psychosocial health at work. 

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