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How to Rank Among the Most Attractive Companies to Work For

By Geny Oceguera Rojas - Samsung Electronics Mexico
Head of Human Resources


Geny Oceguera Rojas By Geny Oceguera Rojas | Head of Human Resources - Fri, 11/10/2023 - 12:00

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The more than seven years of experience I have at Samsung Mexico have shown me that the world of technology is constantly evolving, and offers professionals the opportunity to learn and adapt to new tools and techniques. 

When I started working in this industry, the focus of innovation was centered on the development and improvement of smartphones and Smart TVs, technologies that are already a reality in people's daily life. Now, we are living in a revolutionary new era, with important advances, such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics and cybersecurity, which have the potential to redefine the labor market.

Mexican professionals are aware of this change, and those with solid knowledge in these areas will find themselves in a privileged position to access important job opportunities. For this reason, it comes as no surprise to read that in Mexico the technology industry is one of the most attractive for the workforce, according to the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2023 study — a fact that highlights why when we talk about information technology (IT) we are no longer referring to the jobs of the future, but of the present.

A Unique Industry 

The IT world continues to expand and create opportunities that include all people, regions and ideas to try to develop more solutions that help the planet. I'm talking about myriad  innovations that range from continuing to revolutionize the way we communicate and introducing collaborative tools to work from anywhere, to advances to protect the environment or health monitoring applications.

Given the possibilities the industry represents, it is understandable that the Randstad study showed that 7 out of 10 people prefer to work in technology and in Mexico. Professionals working in the field of technology have the ability to directly influence these changes and trends, either by developing new tools, securing systems, analyzing data or guiding, redefining the technology adoption strategy.

After becoming aware of this world of possibilities and opportunities that the industry represents, it is much more gratifying for everyone at Samsung Mexico to know that in this ranking we placed in the Top 3 of best places to be an associated for the third consecutive year, which is a sign of the inclusive, intense, collaborative, challenging and motivating work environment that we have cultivated, and the passion with which we strive to improve people's lives through technology.

Creating Engaging Work Environments

It is an honor to be among the best places to work, build, reinvent and challenge the development of employees, but it is also a reminder of the responsibility we have to continue to be leaders and make a difference in an ever-changing world, always upholding our conviction that innovation and growth are driven by an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce, where everyone finds a company that is always different, always better, has equal opportunities, and inspires talent to discover its potential.

We approach each of these efforts with the conviction to create a diverse culture, so that all voices are heard and valued, regardless of their origin, gender, age or any other characteristic. We celebrate diversity as a source of richness and creativity for our organization.

By creating diverse work teams that present a multitude of points of view, we are confident that we create processes and groups that perform better, are more innovative, and are more adaptable to market changes. At Samsung Mexico, we are convinced that diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and we will continue to work to be a benchmark in the industry and for each member of our team to develop their potential.

This commitment goes beyond simply hiring diverse people, it is a vision embedded in our DNA that constantly seeks to innovate and lead in technology, and in the way we impact and nurture our society. Inclusion and diversity are not just buzzwords for us, but fundamental principles that guide our daily actions and decisions.


Through this approach, we can witness the fruits of initiatives like Solve for Tomorrow, which each year inspires our country's students to change their communities through STEM disciplines. It is an initiative that has inspired female talent in an industry that still has a gender gap. A good example is Mariana Isabel González Reyes, a 17-year-old high-school student who won second place in this program in 2021 and is about to begin her bioengineering studies at Stanford University. 

Another great example of the impact of our diverse workforce is our Customer Service in Mexican Sign Language by video call, which for the past two years has been providing technical support to people with hearing disabilities, even if they use hearing aids, who number 1.3 million Mexicans in our country.

In this way, we promote spaces for collaboration and co-creation, with an inclusive approach that enables richer ideas and more effective solutions to be generated, reflecting the needs and aspirations of a global and diverse customer base.

At the end of the day, our goal is clear: we want to be more than a leading technology company. We want to be a beacon of positive change, a place where every individual feels empowered to reach their full potential and where, together, we work to make the world a better place. It is precisely this mission, intertwined with our culture of inclusion, diversity and innovation, that makes us stand out as one of the most desirable companies to work for in Mexico and the world.


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Photo by:   Geny Oceguera Rojas

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