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HR Role Evolves into Strategic Sphere

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 13:36

The role of human resources has evolved from technical activities to a more strategic arena that is responsible not only for payments or hiring processes but also for intangible values like happiness and commitment, Jorge Becerril, HR Director of Altlán Redes, told Mexico Talent Forum 2019 during his discussion on how to develop happiness in the workplace.

“A few years ago, there was no conversation about human development and workers being happy in their workplaces. However, today concepts like love, compassion and appreciation have a space in the conversation within organizations,” Becerril said during the forum at the Hotel Marquis Reforma in Mexico City on Wednesday.

Becerril said that human resources departments have taken a more important role as they have transformed from their technical responsibilities to helping employees feel engaged with their work. “Happiness at work has to do with distinction for employees.”

Moreover, employees’ happiness and satisfaction with their work is related to their understanding of what is expected of them. “Employees need to know clearly what their responsibilities are, the rules and policies of the company and that they are receiving a fair compensation system,” he said.

A problem companies usually face is that they ask for creativity from their employees but any idea that is too radical is soon halted, which leads to a paradox in workplaces, Becerril said. To generate engagement between employees and the organization, management needs to provide an outlet for the expression of creativity and sense of community, such as family events or internal events that foster engagement. “Employees need to see the management areas excited about these events. There needs to be congruency regarding the values that companies express and the way leaders treat their employees.”