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Human Essence, Disruption Key to Bringing Out the ‘Wow’ in People

Sergio Nava - WeWow
Founder and COO


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 09/20/2022 - 11:00

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Q: How does WeWow help companies to implement the best HR strategies?

A: WeWow has been successful and well-positioned thanks to our initial vision: to transform the human capital area and the role it plays, making it stellar. In the past, HR departments played more of a support role and we believe that human capital is the most important part of a company. 

We master two great tools: layout and content. We offer great storytelling, always looking to be disruptive, entertaining and practical but with a robust background. WeWow’s best practices come from our comprehensive training in human behavior.

Q: What are the main characteristics of a great leader?

A: A rock-star leader or company is always Hungry, looking to move forward. Humility is also essential to continue improving and asking questions; it prevents the leader from getting lost in hunger. Also important is the ability to Stay Ahead in the market through upskilling and reskilling. Finally, Brotherhood is crucial. Rock stars put their talent at the service of others. A rock star creates more rock stars. 

Rock stars must know they are performing on a challenging stage, which becomes even more challenging as clients become more demanding. R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. leadership is the combination of Resilience, Optimism, Kindness, Service with a wow, Team player, Accountagility (Accountability with Agility) and Reinvention.

Q: What is the meaning of bringing out the “wow” in people? 

A: The firm is called WeWow because we understand that there is no way to transcend individually. Our name continuously reminds us of our team philosophy and leads us to challenge ourselves to go beyond expectations. 

The “wow” comes when you exceed expectations but it fluctuates constantly. What is surprising today may no longer be surprising tomorrow. The first step to succeed is to never fail in the core product or service and then focus on understanding the market, its context and needs.  

Q: What kind of partnerships and alliances enable WeWow to stay ahead as a consulting firm? 

A: We have important alliances with key organizations. WeWow is one of the few firms that has a partnership with Harvard, which is a world-class reference in terms of talent, leadership and organizational culture. We work with them to create content, stay ahead of trends and to develop our own models and practices. 

WeWow also collaborates with the Mexican Association for the Management of Human Resources (AMEDIRH) and LinkedIn Learning, which is another great ally for content creation. 

Q: How has the labor market changed after the COVID-19 pandemic? 

A: The post-pandemic context has shifted several elements in the working world. WeWow accompanies companies in the implementation of hybrid models, which is not always easy. In addition, people’s priorities have changed. In the past, people wanted better positions and salaries. While these remain important, well-being and free time have become priorities. 

Q: As technology progresses, what is the importance of human sciences in making the most out of tech? 

A: In the pivotal technological environment we are living in, companies, teams and leaders must be tech-oriented but with a human touch. To stay relevant, leaders must add value. Great leaders stay ahead in the business competition. They keep alert to market changes but never lose the human essence. 

Leadership leads to the development of many technical skills. As leaders manage more people, they must become people experts and understand motivations, fears and everything about them. This makes a leader sustainable. Regardless of the technology, losing the human basis weakens a company’s value to the market.

Q: What is the importance of inclusion within companies? 

A: Inclusion is key. An inclusive leader sees value in diversity regardless of gender, age or generation. However, the most important diversity is that of thought. The person who listens with the same attention and respect to seniors and juniors is a diverse leader. That is inclusion. An inclusive leader is not only open to other perspectives, but encourages it by proactively asking employees to challenge their perspective. Few leaders are at this level. Different ideas, backgrounds and stories can add value to the business. 

Q: Considering your experience with several big companies, what is the most common challenge in the current environment? 

A: The challenges are different depending on the company. However, the current radical reality impacts all. It is no longer possible to plan long term. When it comes to people, it is hard to please everyone. The great challenge is to find the balance point in maintaining performance, purpose and productivity. Companies must calibrate purpose with performance and profit.


WeWow is a boutique consulting firm specialized in talent, leadership and organizational culture.

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