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Impact of Happiness at Work

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 01/28/2021 - 17:41

Is home office better for the environment? It would seem so, given that people are driving less and official studies showed an 8.8 percent decrease in global CO2 emissions in the first half of 2020, against 2019. However, we also need to consider the environmental impact of our constant use of electronic devices. A Purdue University study on the approximate carbon, water and land footprints associated with each hour of data spent in popular internet apps shows that people are only focusing on one type of footprint while there are other ones to take into consideration to get an idea of the real impact of home office trends. Since March, many countries reported an increase in internet traffic, which means that in 2021, we would need a forest of about 71,600mi2 to offset the CO2 emitted from home office activities.


Now let’s jump into the Week in Talent! 


Do Happy People Build Better Businesses? 

“We are completely engaged with results and with being high performers. Being a high performer brings you happiness and happiness will bring you great results. If you are happy and you are enjoying your job, then you can be better at what you do and then that will bring great profits to the company,” said Simon Cohen, Founder of Henco Global Logistics. Parting from this, he created a business philosophy: “High Performance, Happy People,” which tries to explain that if people gave themselves the chance to find joy in their work, this would help the organization. 



Human Capital Management in the COVID Era 

In a recent MBN Interview, Gabriel Alvarado, Vice President and General Manager of UKG Latin America, mentions how UKG helps to manage human capital during the pandemic. Alvarado highlighted the company’s GESTANN solution, which helps companies with their strategic planning of employee shifts, while considering factors like skills, roles, health profiles and risks. Alvarado also addressed challenges introduced by recent labor reforms and how the company is evolving accordingly. 



Human Capital Key to Drive Innovation

Innovation normally means disruption, which also demands continuous learning. The way to attract said innovation is by training the current staff on a new way of working and also attracting talent that is already familiar with new technologies and platforms, according to INFOBAE. “Innovating is something 100 percent human. That is why Human Resource must drive innovation in all areas of an organization”.


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