Labor Commission Approves Toothless Vacation Amendment
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Labor Commission Approves Toothless Vacation Amendment

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/08/2022 - 12:31

Giving in to interest groups and some unions petitioning for greater flexibility ahead of an economic recession, the Labor Commission of the Chamber of Deputies revised the proposed vacation amendment to the Federal Labor Law. Industry leaders weigh the benefits and costs of this amendment, dissect the importance of diversity and sustainability. 

In international news, True, a global platform for innovative talent management products and services expands to Mexico City. 


This week in Talent news and developments: 



Revised Vacation Amendment is Toothless Before Employers 

Mexico’s Labor Commission of the Chamber of Deputies voted to blunt the Senate-approved vacation days amendment to the Federal Labor Law, forcing laborers to depend on their employers to be afforded their twelve vacation days in complete succession. This power dynamic leaves talent vulnerable and forces it to seek legal remedy, a lengthy and costly process. 


How Does New Paid Vacation Initiative Affect Companies in Mexico?

As companies push back on added vacation days, Mariel Sada, Head of Partnerships, Palanca, suggests that companies stand to leverage key benefits including improving employee experience, wellness and productivity. Undercutting this initiative has the potential to continue engendering dissatisfaction, burnout and turnover, “a critically dangerous outcome for companies.” 


Industry Trends 

FORVIA: Diversity as a Core Value

Diversity enriches companies through different perspectives, experiences and opinions, says Karla Góngora, R&D Director for Seating Mexico, FORVIA. These differences allow companies push and disrupt markets because it affords them a greater understanding of market needs across different user profiles and geographic boundaries. 


Are You Working on Sustainability or Still Waiting for a Sign?

“Companies now have the responsibility to develop while simultaneously taking care of resources and the environment. The business producing goods and services must consider sustainability issues in the equation, in addition to other indicators, including costs, talent and efficiency,” says Guillermo Bilbao, Director of Energy and Phygital, Minsait. 



True Expands Reach to Latin America

True, a premiere global platform of innovative talent management products and services, announced today it expanded to Mexico City. As Head of LATAM, Partner Juan Dominguez will lead True’s expansion and introduce its modern, data-driven brand of executive search products and services to the region’s rapidly-growing executive talent market, according to a press release.



Photo by:   Freepik

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