Laborers Distress Over Economic Outlook
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Laborers Distress Over Economic Outlook

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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 01/19/2023 - 09:00

Mexico’s workforce is concerned about the country’s economic outlook and its influence on inflation and employment. Meanwhile, industry leaders consider the dual pursuit and balance of cultural fit and diversity, transparency in the workplace, incoming talent’s preparedness for a digital economy and the qualities of an inspiring leader.

In international news, companies face continued talent scarcity and retention challenges.


This week in Talent news and developments:



2023 Labor Concerns Center on Inflation, Employment

There is evidence that inflation is decelerating but a volatile economic outlook has renewed domestic concerns of cyclical unemployment and sustained inflation, according to Indeed. This macroeconomic context could eat into laborers bargaining power.


Executive Perspective

A More Conscious Talent Attraction Process

Conscious talent attraction is the intended exploration and genuine effort to meet candidates on a human level, writes Manuela Velez, Head of People, Tul. The alternative is placing an outstanding weight on finding the cultural fit that fits an exact mold, leaving virtually no space for diversity and inclusion.


Transparency: Why Is it Essential for a Good Working Environment?

“Increasing transparency within companies ensures that employees’ expectations are properly met, thus increasing retention and loyalty,” writes Rosy Barron, Country Manager, HolmesHR. Transparency benefits significantly from the use of technology in HR processes.


How Young People Can Improve Their Employability

“Now that we know what the job opportunities are and the talent shortage not only in Mexico but also in Latin America, it is very important to keep the focus on the objective that we have as employers to fill these positions and what young people have to do to reduce the gap versus skills demand,” writes Alberto Alesi, Mexico General Director, Manpower Group.


The True Leader and Leadership Practices

“True leadership is found in your heart, in your beliefs, which you must remember when guiding others since it is only in this way that the leader can nurture and cultivate his staff on a daily basis,” writes Rodrigues, Operation Director, The Leadership Sense.



Labor Market Trends for 2023

Concerns over the rising cost of living and recession will likely augment calls for pay raises in 2023, explains Alejandro Paz, Country Manager, Robert Walters. Meanwhile, companies continue to face a shortage of talent, especially among managerial and senior-level positions, and are likely to double up efforts in staff retention initiatives.

Photo by:   Redgreystock

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