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LATAM: Emerging Special Effects Market

By Alessa Flores | Thu, 08/20/2020 - 13:07

Alejandro Diego Von Dorrer, Co-Founder of Ollin VFX, speaking at the Forbes Conecta Showtime Forum, revealed that the special effects industry is thriving in Latin America despite the pandemic. However, the lack of talent in the region hinders opportunities in the industry, according to a note from Forbes Mexico. 

Most of the local productions in Mexico and other Latin American countries still do not include special effects as a fundamental element. "The Latin American and Mexican market are not characterized by making films that require special effects. Rather, it has focused on urban dramas and romantic comedy,” explains Von Dorrer. He explained that he expects the special effects industry to grow in Latin America largely due to the gradual emergence of streaming content platforms in the region, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, the lack of talent is the real obstacle for growth in the special effects industry. "We have to practically train people from scratch and the people who study something related to special effects do not have the necessary experience," says Von Dorrer. 

Ollin VFX is working very hard to promote the use of special effects and the company will be in charge of making the special effects for the creation of the mythical Tenochtitlan for the next Amazon Prime Video series called "Cortés.” This project is estimated to have a budget of up to US$60 million.


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New Art Festival (FAN) Will Be Totally Digital

FAN’s "Hybrid Spaces" edition will use digital tools to promote northern cultures nationally and internationally. In this edition, the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas will participate. FAN will begin on Aug. 31 and is expected to conclude on Oct. 3. It will publicize the cultural diversity of the states through projects, plays, films, photography and direct dialogues with creators and cultural producers. 


Oaxaca, Guest of Honor at the Shorts México - International Short Film Festival

Shorts México - International Short Film Festival will present 450 Mexican and international short films between Sept. 2 and Sept. 9 in Mexico City and Oaxaca will be the special state guest. Mexico City will host in different cultural centers including the Cineteca Nacional, UNAM’s Centro Cultural Bella Época and other spaces the short films made in Oaxaca and other states, as well as countries around the world. The International Short Film Festival will feature a Short Film Pitching Competition to promote the creation and production of films in Mexico.


Home Office Regulatory Framework Under Debate in Congress

Congress will resume duties in September, after a couple weeks of no legislative activity as a result of COVID-19. The government entity will return to work on the Federal Labor Law reform already approved by the Senate, which is now a top priority. However, the original proposal draft has been affected by the pandemic as millions of people have been working from home for months.

Employers and unions are actively participating in drafting a new law, while expressing their different points of view. One of the main topics of discussion is to set clear what will be the standard working hours for those working from home. Today, the number of hours people work from home is established through an agreement between employee and employer, a formula that could continue after the September reform. 

Volkswagen Mexico and SITIAVW Agree on a Salary Increase 

After revising their collective bargaining agreement, the Independent Union of Workers in the Automotive Industry (SITIAVW) and Volkswagen de México agreed on a total wage increase of 5.4 percent. Of this, 3.62 percent will be a direct increase in salaries and 1.84 percent in overall benefits, told SITIAVW Spokesman Manuel Aburto to La Jornada. Kai Linnenkohl, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Organization at Volkswagen de México also said the agreement sends a very positive signal from Volkswagen Group about the team's sensitivity and empathy in Mexico. 

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