Leadership Critical After Turbulent Times
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Leadership Critical After Turbulent Times

Photo by:   Nick Fewings
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/09/2022 - 14:31

Digitization is revolutionizing the way companies recruit and retain talent. Nevertheless, the human touch will always remain a central component in this field. As companies look toward the future, they turn to C-suite executives to help define ESG objectives and the best strategies to achieve them. 


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Industry Trends 

Easing HR’s Workload With Chatbots

Chatbot applications in human resource departments might make sense as HR professionals’ responsibilities multiply. 


Tailored Talent Recruitment in Scarcity-Driven Environment

Guided by localized intelligence, Randstad helps businesses with their HR needs so they can focus on core tasks, Randstad’s Andres Sánchez told MBN.


Diversity, Digitalization Reshape the Labor Market: McKinsey

Diversity, the data revolution and remote work are some of the trends that will influence companies in 2022, says McKinsey’s Alberto Saracho.

“Over the past few years, diversity has become more evident as it becomes easier for companies to incorporate workers from different parts of the world. Diversity is positively impacting professional lives and businesses,” said Saracho.


Future Leadership

The future will require leaders who are global citizens and able to work in a multicultural environment, people who value talent and intellectual property and who embrace the need for constant digital transformation.


Why Business Transformation Relies on CEO's Leadership

CEOs should consider new strategies that not only optimize what companies have learnt from the pandemic but also transform their companies and the way they do business.

“The path of transformation that CEOs need to follow so their businesses can thrive in moments largely defined by uncertainty is defined by wisely investing in technology, while including culture diversity, work flexibility and environmental consciousness into their business,” said Jiménez.


Finding Leadership Wisdom in Big Data

HORSE’s Juan Pablo Daniello explains the origin and value of his firm’s approach to executive data consulting and the role technology plays in its use.


Education as a Strategy for Retention, Productivity, Development

Educational opportunities benefit companies, personnel and the country, says Vinco’s Lissy Giacomán.

“Latin America is the region with the largest skills gap but, recently, educational programs have become much more accessible and affordable, offering high-quality content and flexible formats, particularly for working adults,” said Giacomán.



Photo by:   Nick Fewings

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