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Leadership Development Leads to Greater Competitiveness

Mario Rodríguez - The Leadership Sense


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 05/08/2023 - 11:29

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Q: How do The Leadership Sense’s foundational elements of leadership complement each other and help develop competitive business profiles?

A: We realized that there was something in common between guiding people and exercising leadership. As a result, we developed the acronym VIDA to help remember the essential elements: Will, Intention, Desire and Action. Through a commitment to practice VIDA, the will becomes the driving force, serving as the impetus to pursue our vision. Intention underscores the need for clarity in our objectives, while desire speaks to the deep-seated longing to achieve our aspirations. Finally, the actions we take bring these components together, serving as the manifestation of our leadership.

Our aim in creating VIDA was to offer a framework for leaders to allow them to use their talents, while also engaging their sensory faculties. We recognize the importance of perception in leadership and encourage individuals to not only see but to listen and sense with all their faculties, thus enhancing their intelligence and knowledge.


Q: What specific areas does The Leadership Sense aim to identify and address when working with clients and how do your professional services achieve these goals?

A: Our first step to ensure we benefit companies is considering the four clients: the user of our services or products, who received the service or product  and is affected o beneficed by  quality, value added, punctuality and service ; the operator, collaborator , the worker or associate; the shareholder, who is impacted by our economical  results; and the community, which can be the worker's family, the company's associates or the community where the company is located. Each of these clients has unique expectations and needs, which we must understand and meet to deliver the best possible value for them.​​​​​​​

At The Leadership Sense, our goal is to ensure that leaders within the organization understand and align with the needs and expectations of each of these 4  clients. By doing so, we can deliver results that satisfy all parties involved and create a thriving, sustainable organization. This requires a deep understanding of the unique needs of each client and a commitment to meeting those needs through excellent service, open communication and a results-oriented approach. In essence, we view leadership development from a holistic perspective by giving them the tools to identify shared needs and pain points for a solution that benefits all stakeholders.


Q: How important is leadership to Mexico’s competitiveness as the country becomes a focal point for international trade?

A: Leadership development is essential in all sectors. Moreover, it is crucial for Mexicans to engage and participate in international forums across industry sectors to learn alternative approaches and systems for problem solving. ​​​​​​​

According to statistics from the government of Guanajuato, at least 20 companies are registering to nearshoring investments in the state. These companies are growing, expanding or doubling their capabilities. Nearshoring can be greatly accelerated through the development of leadership capacities. 


Q: How does The Leadership Sense accompany its clients through the problem-solving phase?

A: We once worked with a company that produced about 400 tons of a product per month. Through our leadership development program, the company’s production grew sharply in a year despite not increasing investment or its staff. It went from producing 400 tons per month to closing the year with 970 tons of production, while also improving their product quality and overall efficiency. A remarkable outcome that affirms the seismic potential of investing in fomenting leadership and teamwork relationships. 


Q: What best practices from your time in Arbomex have you sought to replicate through The Leadership Sense?

A: For the 40 years I worked in the automotive industry, my unwavering guiding principle was to make a positive impact on Mexico by developing its people. My commitment to the development of Mexican talent and society is driven by the belief that we can make a difference, one person, one project and one initiative at a time. I have been actively involved in various projects and initiatives for Mexican society. One such endeavor was my collaboration with the government of Queretaro, where I helped establish a center for children with learning difficulties and motor disabilities. We ensured that they received the required support and resources to lead a fulfilling life.

Apart from my work in the automotive industry, I have been actively involved in various government and community-based projects. For example, I participated in a citizen development program that administered resources in a municipality in Queretaro. I also worked on a project to help young people battling addiction in the state, which significantly lowered the drug addiction rate.



The Leadership Sense, founded in 2021, contributes to the education and training of leaders, "turning pressure into innovation and productivity." Its goal is to improve not only the organizational culture of companies but also the indicators of productivity and innovation.

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