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Matching Tech Talent Demand in the Digital-First Economy

Pablo Fajer - Codifin


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 06/16/2022 - 09:49

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Q: How does a prolonged deficit of technological talent stand to impact the innovation and profitability of enterprise and startup companies?

A: The shift toward a digital-first economy demands instantaneous and uninterrupted digital innovation, producing a sense of urgency among companies to fill digital job vacancies. Companies only need to look at the traditional banking sector to understand how easy it is to fall back on digital innovation and how hard it is to bridge the gap. Businesses are prioritizing the recruitment and retention of technology talent, understanding that their long-term competitiveness depends on it. However, as is common with large corporations, they often lack quick decision-making power, flexibility and the expendable energy needed to address specific talent initiatives. These potential barriers make Codifin the ideal partner to source and/or upskill specialized talent according to the needs of large companies, thereby allowing them to focus on their core business.


Q: What does it mean to tackle this issue considering social responsibility?

A: Companies that have a mission beyond their immediate business objective are always the most successful. Beyond a product or solution, a purpose-driven company culture generates the initiatives that allow companies to surpass their growth objectives while supporting the development of resilient, problem-solving contributors.

At Codifin, our contributors are motivated to address the talent scarcity generated by the digital transformation not out of reigning concern for companies but, rather, out of concern for those who will become predictably marginalized as hiring criteria shifts. As is common with foundational transformations, such as Industry 4.0, it is those people with the lowest access to education who will be most affected. Anticipating this, Codifin is providing capable talent with the support they need to learn and upskill as necessary to compete in a digital-first economy that is expected to generate an additional 5 million jobs by 2025. Our company mission is driven by an ambition to repurpose existing and capable talent so they are able to pivot and grow in a career that will make them competitive in an incessantly evolving digital ecosystem.


Q: How does Codifin’s value proposition differ from other competitors in this emerging sector?

A: Within the technology recruitment market, our competitors tend to focus on scouting existing technology talent to fill job vacancies. However, this model falls short of addressing the underlying problem: the generation of talent needed to meet demand across industries. Meanwhile, companies concentrated on the generation of talent often focus on consumers interested in reskilling, inadvertently missing out on capable talent.

Codifin is unique in that it bridges these market spaces to attract, select and train people to steadily generate technology talent according to the specific needs of client companies. For the selection process,  Codifin uses artificial intelligence to gauge the capacity and probability of success based on 50 pilot-proven algorithm indicators including demographic factors such as age and basic knowledge of the English language. Codifin then trains and certifies these candidates with the tech profiles guaranteeing that candidates meet the demands of companies.

While no tech recruitment company will be able to meet the outstanding demand for technology talent, Codifin is working avidly to generate programs to fulfill the tech talent needed month-by-month, helping contribute to the existing pool of available talent. 


Q: How does Codifin help address the needs and demands of tech talent?

A: We offer potential candidates access to one of the world's leading e-learning programing platforms, individual mentorship and an ecosystem that supports their professional development. Furthermore, given that their progress will be tracked and recorded, we are able to provide additional mentorship, courses and even financial support if we notice that they lag behind their peers. Ultimately, it is about generating genuine opportunities for qualified talent to upskill as needed to compete and build a career in a talent-hungry economy.


Q: How has Codifin’s commercial offer evolved over the past few months?

A: Over the past five months, we have been steadily growing our client portfolio generating personalized tech training programs for each client to successfully fill their tech vacancies month-to-month. Furthermore, we have been approached by potential partners interested in complementing our services. Since our entire talent development process can be personalized to each client, we plan to expand our efforts with the recruitment of 100 percent bilingual talent, which is in demand by US and Canadian companies.


Codifin, founded in 2021, is a startup that specializes in the automation of processes for the attraction, onboarding and upskilling of technical talent.

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