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Mexican Companies Transform Their Talent Strategies

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Wed, 06/22/2022 - 17:43

In a talent scarce market, companies are reformulating their value propositions to construct an employer brand that will augment their success at retention and recruiting. These collective efforts have generated more equal and inclusive workplace environments in Mexican companies.

In other news, union workers from a manufacturing company in Coahuila presented a labor complaint under the USMCA against VU Manufacturing.  


This week in Talent news and developments:



HRC: Mexico’s Business Community Makes Strides Towards Inclusion

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) recognized two hundred and forty-two Mexican and multinational companies as “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.” Since its inception in 2016, program participation has increased by 800 percent.


Flexibility, Reskilling: Talent Strategy Priorities

Talent scarcity remains an immediate and long-term threat to individual companies and the Mexican economy. In a labor-led market, Mexican companies need to take actionable steps towards establishing or augmenting flexibility and reskilling incentives.


Industry Trends

If You Haven't Built Your Employer Branding Yet, Now Is the Time

Employer branding is a strategically powerful tool that stands to augment favorable public perception in a highly competitive labor market, said Ricardo Rodarte, CEO, OCC Mundial.

“A truly successful employer branding strategy must include a human approach that puts employees at the center of all decisions, focuses on their overall well-being, and acknowledges their contributions to the organization's success,” said Rodarte.


Companies May Benefit from Creating a Talent Inventory

Talent inventory gives companies a clear visualization of its skills pool, facilitating decision making when creating, designating and hiring talent. These inventories allow employers to keep close track of all skills, experiences and certifications of their staff, but they should be regularly updated in line with the employees’ personal and professional development.


Paternity Leave Can Reduce Workplace Gender Gaps

Extending and guaranteeing paternity leave could have a significant impact on the wellbeing of employees, while simultaneously promoting greater gender equality in workplace environments. Mexico only gives new fathers one week of time off, a sharp contrast from other OECD countries, which average at 4.8 weeks. Mothers, on the other hand, receive six weeks of maternity leave, according to the Federal Labor Law. 



VU Manufacturing Labor Complaint Adds to Four Others Under USMCA

Members of the democratic union of the League of Mexican Workers, La Liga, presented a labor complaint under USMCA’s Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) against VU Manufacturing, for attempting to establish a business-friendly union.

“We are in times of reforms in favor of labor rights, not of continuing to repeat old practices,” said Julia Quiñónez, Director, Border Committee of Workers (CFO).

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