Mexican Talent Spearheads Fintech, Aims to Tackle Cybersecurity
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Mexican Talent Spearheads Fintech, Aims to Tackle Cybersecurity

Photo by:   Fernand De Canne
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/18/2021 - 16:54

Mexican talent is supporting startup fintech companies and helping them attract almost a quarter of regional investment. Tec de Monterrey inaugurated its national cybersecurity hub in hopes to develop specialized human capital. Global companies have contributed to making Mexico a regional leader in advanced technologies. LinkedIn reports labor values have shifted, which will require business concessions.

Meanwhile, the talent deficit threatens to limit AI technology development at a global level and without an immigration reform, the US stands to lose valuable human capital to China.


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Mexico Leads Fintech Expansion Throughout Latin America

Mexico’s fintech success represents almost 20 percent of the industry’s total venture investment in Latin America, while concentrating talent and demand for innovative fintech services with rising neobank transactions.

Mexican University Inaugurates National Cybersecurity Hub

Tec de Monterrey inaugurated the national Cybersecurity Hub, headquartered in its Santa Fe Campus, to improve cybersecurity among stakeholders and develop skilled human capital through specialized laboratories and entrepreneurship networking areas.

Mexico Considered an Advanced Technology Development Hub

Global tech companies’ preference for Mexican talent has given rise to an advanced technology development hub, said NDS Cognitive experts. Academia and tech company partnerships promise to continue producing highly qualified talent needed to support digital transformation efforts.

Labor Values in Post-Pandemic Economy

While salary and benefits remain important qualifiers, their importance has been superseded by a good work-life balance, according to a regional insight report by LinkedIn. This shift has been followed by new additional priorities that will require employer concessions.




Human Capital: Driving or Constraining National AI strategies

Despite the value of machine learning, much of AI development is still predicated on two pillars: technologies and human capital availability. Without a strong market for skilled technologists, which is predicted to fall off, AI development will likely be inhibited.

The Real US-China Struggle is Over Talent

Scientific and technological innovation has become the main battlefield of the international strategic game. Washington could lose its unique talent advantages to China unless it pushes for immigration reform.

Photo by:   Fernand De Canne

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