More Than 50 Percent of Mexicans Are More Productive at Home
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More Than 50 Percent of Mexicans Are More Productive at Home

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Alessa Flores By Alessa Flores | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 08/06/2020 - 11:28

A survey conducted by PwC revealed that 58 percent of Mexicans claimed to have increased their productivity after lockdown measures were implemented, while 35 percent stated that they had remained the same and 7 percent mentioned having decreased their productivity. Prior to the pandemic, it is estimated that almost half of the companies surveyed in Mexico had not adopted remote work, but in the face of the health crisis there was an acceleration to make this viable. In the April PwC's CFO Pulse Survey Mexico, 55 percent of financial leaders at companies in Mexico said they did not trust the productivity of out-of-office employees. However, in June 15, the percentage dropped to 17 percent, according to a note by El Financiero.

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Twenty-Five Percent of Private Schools Are at Risk of Bankruptcy

According to a note from El Financiero, private education in Mexico accounts for 5,321,481 students and 485,188 teachers, which represent 15 percent of the entire education system. The Ministry of Labor estimates that, as a result of the pandemic, Mexico has lost more than 1 million formal jobs, coupled with the fact that a large number of people report having suffered a reduction in their wages and employment benefits. Given this circumstance, parents have been forced to remove their children from private schools and enroll them in public schools. 
Therefore, estimates by the National Association of Private Schools-National Association for Educational Development (ANFE-ANEP) show that around 25 percent of the 48,713 private schools in the country face bankruptcy.

TV Azteca and Televisa, Key Allies for Back to School

The return to classes in Mexico is still uncertain. In light of these doubts, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) signed and agreement with Televisa, TV Azteca, Imagen Televisión and Milenio to transmit the learning content for the next school year, which will cost the federal government MX$450 million (US$20 million). The investment only covers operating expenses and those derived from using 24 hours a day each of the channels that the companies made available to transmit educational content at the preschool, primary, secondary and high school levels, which will benefit 30 million students. 

SEP Says It Is Ready to Migrate Students From Private to Public Schools

In a press conference, Marcos Bucio Mújica, Deputy Minister of Basic Education, explained that the educational system in Mexico is very powerful. “No one is going to be left out, we are prepared for this migration from private schools due to the conditions brought by the pandemic," he said. It should be noted that basic education has a structure of around 200,000 schools and 1.2 million teachers, according to SEP numbers. Bucio also stressed that the return to classes will be through an agreement with television stations to broadcast classes and the school year is expected to begin on August 24. Bucio stressed that students will be evaluated according to the programs transmitted and that the evaluations will be carried out by teachers to identify lags and performance.

AMEDIRH Will Host the International Congress of Human Resources 2020 

AMEDIRH, a 74-year-old body that brings together the largest community of human resources executives in Mexico, will hold the International Human Resources Congress 2020 virtually on September 9 and 10. It is estimated that thousands of executives will attend. There will be a Virtual Exhibition Area with an innovative and efficient format where products and services related to human resources will be announced. In the last six congresses, AMEDIRH managed to gather more than 27,500 executives from the human resources area in Mexico. 

Photo by:   standret

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