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Needs and Trends in the Mexican Tourism Industry

By Sofía Hanna | Fri, 03/26/2021 - 16:45

The tourism industry worldwide has been affected by COVID-19. Mexico specifically closed 2020 with a 46 percent drop in international tourist arrivals. As a result, this problem has become a new talking point and considered a post-pandemic tourism challenge. In a recent webinar imparted by Casai, a discussion was held to dig into the current situation. 


Casai is a company that developed a hospitality concept designed for the nomadic generation. During their webinar, Jordi Llorens, CEO of Mundo Joven, Javier Puente, President of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association and Maricarmen Herrerías, COO & Co-founder of Casai, talked about the current tourism situation and what could be expected in the near future for the industry. A problem at the moment is finding new, local and innovative actions to help increase the number of tourist arrivals. There is going to be a change in habits and it will be increasingly common for there to be digital nomads. Those who embrace the changes and seize the opportunities will be the ones to move the industry forward one of the trends that are aiming to take place during 2021 is domestic travel,” Said Llorens. In an article published by Expansión, it states that progress in domestic tourism consumption will grow by 3.4 percent compared to 2020, reaching MX$2 trillion (US$ 97 thousand), which is 26.3 percent lower than 2019 and, according to the article, it is due to the lack of stimulus from the federal government. 

Technology is a tool that has become indispensable for tourism. To this, Herrerías stated, “both security and being prepared to receive people who come for travel and to work have become essential. We must depend on technology to be aware of what guests need and want so that the treatment is much more personal and easier.” Upcoming tendencies like relocation, that everything is sustainable and that tourism is personal, were discussed in the forum. Llorens stated that travelers want to travel with identity, purpose, integration, immersion, and want to make their mark, so making the travel experience much more personal is what could set businesses apart. Domestic traveling is becoming a trend, given the sanitary measures that have been enforced by governments all over the world. This is why there is also a need to look for new tourist areas that will benefit from additional jobs and income. Also, if the visitor has a complete experience, this could help a lot to get the sector back on its tracks again said Herrerías. 

As a closing point, Nico Barawid mentioned that people in the industry must be open to new forms of business. There must also be a willingness to change their perspective at any time because this will be what takes the industry forward.

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